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Sep 1, 2017
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just a quick question I have 8 autoflowers growing outside on my terrace and was wondering if I could bring them in for 9 hours and out for 9 hours. Currently they receive 8 hours direct sun and about 13 hour daylight all together. They are 4 weeks old tomorrow just started the pre flower would I get any problems changing my light schedule to 9 in 9 out. Any input would be much appreciated
It could be done, and would be beneficial for sure....however...i would be careful with this as it may bring unwanted pests into your grow space.
Thanks for reply do u think they could hermie ?

I highly doubt it..i mean possibly, but unlikely an indoor/oudoor light spectrum variance would stress them enough to cause hermy traits..
Yes you can do it, my local grow bro does it on every sunny day we get with decent temps. They'll love you for it :pass:
Ye man so it is then I start that from tonite on wards an keep use posted. Thanks
My plants are 30 days old and they are only between 8 and under 11 inches high with only 6 or 7 nodes each you think there small.


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I do it. They love it. Who wants to be kept in the dark?
If the plants aren't getting direct sun outside they come inside for man made light.
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