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Jul 11, 2017
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Hello all. I am new here and although I have harvested 3 plants to date, they all had room for improvement and so do I.
I cut my teeth over at 420 forums and although they are my first home, I have fallen in love with autos. I planted my first few autos about 52 days ago. More on that later.
I currently grow in a cabinet that I made. It is too short at 4 feet but I am making do and have plants to extend the top higher for more headspace.

I also have a couple plants outdoors to share. MoreNorthern Lights

Couple of Super Lemon Haze photoperiods.

Well that's where I'm currently at. I wish I could tell you I grow without issues but well, that's a lie hehe

This journal will attempt to follow along as I finish my Northern Lights plants. The star of the show will be my DWC girl named Hope. I'll explain in my next post why she's called that lol.

I wanted to invite @derek420colorado as he has been quite helpful in pm's and really encouraged me to make some friends here and start my journal.

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Great work buddy! I'm here for the ride [emoji106]


Thanks man I appreciate you checking me out.

Alright I usually name my "indoor" plants. This one was begging in my garage during a heatwave and she was in dwc with no chiller. Just frozen water bottles. I have since installed an iceprobe and temps are good. No higher than 71-72 usually upper 60's.

I am running :
Advanced Nutrients ph perfect base nutes
KoolBloom (liquid)
Dyna Gro Protekt silica
All in RO water.

I like to keep EC on the lower side usually I run about 50%less of whatever is recommended by the bottle. Except in the case of beneficials. I run full strength on those.

My cabinet I built is a 2x4x4 and I have a Mars II 400w LED in there. I'm not happy with the box size as it needs to be taller and the light is okay but leaves me wanting more. I have my eyes on the autocobs. Just need to scratch together some extra funds and I'm getting two I think.

While I'm talking about future plans I should mention that I have received several seeds for my next few grows. This will be the first time I run genetics from a legit breeder. I decided to give Mephisto a shot. I was browsing for seeds about three weeks ago and saw a strain on their site called Northern Cheese Haze. Well, after reading the history on it I had to try it. Plus I've never tried cheese before so, win-win.

I also picked up Tyrone Special, Deep Blue C, Sweet Toof, and the freebies were HubbaBubbaSmellaScope.

Obviously I'm focused on my current gals, but I am having a hard time deciding what (and how many) to grow next. I'm ready to germ and get going, just gotta decide. I got 10 HBSS so I will more than likely do at least two of those outdoors.
I am having some issues with heat in my box. I'm not getting heat stress, but so believe the high temps are slowing progress at times. This is one reason I need to get my hydro grow dialed in so I can really do these genetics justice.

Thanks for looking and I have thick skin so please rip me and my methods apart. I'm here to get better.

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IMG_1366.JPG For the giggles:
Welcome aboard @Archiweedies! Will be watchin your NL finish out... I've got 2 outdoors as happy to help out if needed, otherwise I'll be a lurkin!

Thanks Arthur, I'll swing by and see what your up to!

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looking good,indoors and out.with cupboard/micro grows its allways a compromise of sorts.
good luck,keep er lit.
looking good,indoors and out.with cupboard/micro grows its allways a compromise of sorts.
good luck,keep er lit.

Thanks Archie. I'm definitely finding that out. It's the reason that led me to autos in the first place. The possibilities of growing outdoors all year excites me. Speaking of which, would it be acceptable to germ seeds now for outdoors? I live in SoCal inland.

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im other side of the world in a cold wet n windy the wrong one to ask fella,but plenty of top outdoor growers round here.
to name a few check out dankstyle J,912GreenSkell and for whats possible in the arctic circle trailanimal.
Sounds like I got some reading to do! Thanks Archie

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