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Sep 1, 2017
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Ok guys here's what's up this is my first grow ever and it started good then ran into some issues. Now if anyone could give me some tips or what I'm doing wrong that would be great. Ok my set up is 18 gaollon tote with about 16 gallons in the Rez, 2 air pumps and 4 bubble stones, two lights not sure the type, gh trio nutz, go ph up and down, clay pebbles, rockwool, and just random bag seeds. The ppm has been about 300 since the start and ph is always between 5.5-6.2 and temps around 67-71. Now the first problem I ran into was I started getting this clear gel build up on the roots about 3 weeks into my grow and I will post pics. After I cleaned the Rez and bleached everything it was good for about 3 more weeks the boom it came back. Now I've cleaned the Rez again and even changed net pots cause roots where not to long and now my leaves are changing to yellow a little. What else should I be adding or doing. The pictures with the gel on the roots was before I changed everything this last time and every picture was from today


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hey buddy what you need for the gunk is hydroguard or sm-90. not sure if itll cure it but both products will definately prevent it. im on the nightshift so im a bit too braindead to figure out the leaves just now as im also fairly colour blind but ill be back on in the afternoon if nobodies sorted you out by then ill get my notes out .defo go order yourself some sm-90 tho. its about £20 a bottle on ebay or from a decent stockist. : )
its a mix of things mate. smells like lemon floor polish, its braw : ).
got microbes in it, natural pest detterents, its a 'wetting agent' which i believe basically means it helps your roots to absorb nutrients more easily. but in a nutshell and the only real thing that matters is that you pretty much wont manage a hydro grow without that, a similar product or a heisenberg tea of some sort. especially if you have any light getting into the res or high temps. otherwise that happens unfortunately. on the subject, have you insulated your res? i found that helped my temperatures massively wich also lowers the risk of such issues.
took me a grow and a half to get told that one. top tip lol. : )
For sure sm 90 it totally healed my plants . mine wasn't as far along as yours but listen. I put mine in the shower and literally scrubbed them with my hands. Got all that bullshit off of there. Then I used hydrogen peroxide and soaked them for about a minute . all the brown crap u see on the roots is ok. It will re grow roots .I literally washed and ripped mine apart. They are exploding after I gave them a bath. Now don't get me wrong it Does take about a 5 days after the bath for root growth. But its worth savings the plant. The way your growing with no circulation makes it harder to keep from getting root rot also. The pic here is on of em that i ripped apart

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How would I go about insulating? It looks like sm-90 really works I just ordered it. Thanks after I try it I'll give you guys a update. What is that gel stuff anyways cause it seems to feed on oxygen which seem different then root rot
Its just slime man. Seriously wash the shit out of those plants be vigilant getting that slime off then do what I said. Keep your temps at 70 no higher no lower.

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