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Jul 16, 2021
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I have an outdoor space that gets probably 40-60% direct sunlight based on time of year. Is it worth the effort? Of course, I’d move to a space with more direct sun if possible.
These girls only get about 4 and 1/2 to 6 hours of direct sunlight depending on the time of the Sun in the season of growth outside. I'm in mid Michigan. And this is a current picture taken yesterday.

They are both Fire OG Kush. The one that is most bushiest is from the breeder seed. Breeder is Big Head seeds. And plant that is thinnest but yet largest. Is Fire OG Kush HB S2. She is 8 ft + wide and 6 ft and a half tall.
Providing your soil is good good water and air flow. Being in the Shaded area 40% you'll do fine. Some Plants love it and some plants grow better in direct sun, some don't. It may take trial-and-error to figure that out. But for the most part you're a go. Good luck and happy growing :toke: :vibes: :pass:
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Nice! Can I assume your neighbors are pot heads too?
Nice! Can I assume your neighbors are pot heads too?

Yes and no...?

I've been growing outside on this piece of property since 2014.
The house right next to me has been vacant for 5 years. I put the privacy fence up 10 years ago...

So The law in this state is. Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana growing outside . has to be fenced and or caged. The growing areas can't be seen from the street... in this state everybody who has an address can grow 12 recreational marijuana plants in their house or outside their house as long as they follow these rules.

As far as it goes. Me and my wife are license for 24 medical marijuana plants on this piece of property. Also we both maintain MMMP cards. Michigan medical marijuana program.

So the neighbors can't really say anything either way right now.....until they change the law... Again... LOL....

But I take care of all of my neighbors around me that know about my growing and use medical marijuana...
I'm a good grower and the neighbors around here know that I just do it for the fun of it mainly... They don't have to pay me anything for the outside plant's. I'm not in it for the money.

How's that old song or saying go. Oh yeah...

"A friend with weed, is a friend indeed"