First dwc gro 1400 Watts hybrid grow

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Ok folks got me a setup finally built. 6 bucket dwc with a 1000 gph pump. 6. 4 inch airstones waiting on the air pump now. This will be an adventure because I've literally never done hydro . I've been doing alot of reading so far but any input on nutes would be welcome . Hope u all can watch and help out or even learn lol . still gotta paint and mylar but im bout there now the test is succesful

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Hey dagger Welcome !

I never ventured into DWC, you are a brave soul. Good luck my friend, I hope all goes well. There should be tons of journals and info on AFN to help you out. Use the search box.

Ill spend a 100 on nutes any more than that and id feel robbed lol. Got it all done just waiting on my air pump and hangers. Hopefully by Tuesday I had to take a couple branches home looks like a deer brushed against one of my plants. Snapped a couple branches. But here she is

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Thanks fairlynew . im hoping for the best .been growing outside for over 25 years this is my second inside grow . First was soil. I like a challenge so im gonna learn all I can. Here is the meter I have also

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Dammit almost there lol. One more light to hang and then the fan to hook up and im so sick of waiting for this air pump im bout to tell my woman to start blowing

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