First time grower. First time w/ mephisto grape crinkle white crack sour stomper

I'm going to LST two of either the white crack or sour stomper. What do you think?

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Jul 15, 2017
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I'm Josh' this is my first-time growing. I've only read all your awesome blogs as a guide. Thank you so much! Shout out to @TaNg and @Hansbricks . Really inspirational!
I'm using tangs easy feeding schedule.

Grape Crinkle
White Crack
Sour Stomper

5 gallon burner pots (3)
ProMix HP
Extra micro nutrients as an xtreme mykos
Meizhi 900 Watts (400 real)

On the way:
Apollo Horticulture 4x4x80in tent
Phresh filter

Currently i put a 2 big scoops of mykos under a 1inch layer of dirt at the top of the pot. I put the seeds in little pen holes and covered with a cup after many spoons of water. Letting sit tonight with the light off (70 degrees in my room) in my closet and here's some pictures.


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Welcome Josh, oh boy are you going to enjoy your first grow. I know I did, it is just the best. Good luck my friend, I hope you get a fat harvest......eP.
So the leaves are curling... Anything to be concerned about?

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Hey Josh and welcome to AFN my man, glad you have chosen us to share your first grow with us. There's nothing like that first grow.
I'm a big fan of LST (I have height restrictions) I say strap all those lady's down and show them who's in charge of that tent.
I you get a journal going give me a tag ( @Slater ) love to help out on your first grow.
Saved ya some on this dude

Day 4 looking great!

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hey buddy looking good so far. a lot of guys follow tangs schedule and they all do pretty well with it. wouldnt let him see you lst though hes a bit of a puritan i believe lol. im a lowly attic grower so its a must for me. makes the grow more fun aswell. set a journal up in the new growers section aswell bud. theres a few of us hang about there to try keep everyone on track : )