Jow many plants to 4x4 tent


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Aug 1, 2017
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Just hoping to find out roughly how many plants i can fit in a 4x4 tent
Just hoping to find out roughly how many plants i can fit in a 4x4 tent

I would say that really does depends on the style of growing you want to do... but if your after the numbers, I would grow SOG (sea of green) 16 in 8ltr pots.

this Intro's........maybe you get a better response in General AF Discussion section.

Happy growing my friend...............eP.
1-100 plants.
hey buddy thats a question with loads of possible answers. it really depends what style of growing you fancy and wether or not you can be bothered hand watering to get a perpetual grow. ie 2 in veg 2 in flower at all times.
soil or coco pots, most people around here seem to do 3-4 plants in 10-15 litre pots. aiming for 3-5oz from each.
there are auto feeding options available for this style also.
personally i do hydro wich looks complicated but its easy if someone explains it to you properly. if you want to try that then id just get 1 XXL strain, fill the tent with that and aim for a pound.
or as slater pointed out you could do a sea of green. thats what i fancied to start out as it seems to be a great way to get massive yields but decided it wasnt worth the risk to get caught with 36 plants.
however many you decide on though i would keep it to 1 strain for your first run. ive seen loads of people try 4 strain first grows and at least one of them generally goes pretty wrong or causes problems in some way for the rest of them. can end up needing different nutrient strengths ect aswell.