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Apr 25, 2017
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Right then troops,this will be my first diary of Mephisto gear,and seriously doubt it's the last lol.
Been champing at the bit to get these seeds started,I grew a hubba last grow,and I didn't really like the pheno I got,the smoke from her is lovely,but she was a tall skinny girl,and looked very frail...still pulled 4oz from her though,and I've never tasted weed like it,very unique taste,with a nice buzz to hit ya.
Anyway,here's a run down of the equipment I'll be using.
1.2X1.2X2 metre tent.
600 watt hps bulb
1 metre parabolic shade
5" rhino pro carbon filter
5" rvk extraction fan
12 litre airpots
Canna coco
Canna A+B
Green planets massive boost
Great white shark bennies.
The strains I'm growing are AvT special pheno,MBAP,sour stomper,Creme bubbly and sour alien livers.
The sour alien livers is about 2 days behind the rest of the seedlings,I was gonna go with just 4 plants,then decide to germ the sour alien livers lol,so she has literally just popped her head above the coco.
I'm new to mephisto gear,but seen/read good things about them,so I'm hoping I can pull around 5oz a plant,just depends on how the genetics work.ive been told by a friend that his sour stomper is a tall girl,so might give her a topping.
Anyone who wants to follow is more than welcome,all criticism greatly receive,along with great advice.
Here's a pic of the sour alien livers that's just popped her head up :pass:
Right troops,a little update on these girls.the girls in the airports are 8 or 9 days old now,and the sour alien livers in the pot in the middle is 5-6 days old.
Not a lot happening at the moment,it's all slowly slowly catchy monkey lol.
They been getting small feeds of canna A+B,rhizotonic,and a splash of silicone.
Back left is AvT special pheno,back right MBAP,front let creme bubbly,front right sour stomper,and in the middle is sour alien livers.temps are a little higher than I'd like,30degrees...not a lot I can do about that,can't wait for autumn,perfect temps for growing :smoking:
It's day 16 for the bigger girls and day 13 for the little girl.all coming along nicely,bit slow still,but they will go into turbo mode soon.
Thinknive got the ripleys pheno on the MBAP looks like she gonna be tall with an open structure,samecwith AvT.topped the all apart from middle plant (sour alien livers)
AvT been struggling with temps s bit,moved her all round the tent,to see if she was sitting in a hot spot.but she's growing ok.wont be long till the stretch kicks in.
Group shot,back left AvT special pheno,back right MBAP,front left sour stomper,front right Creme bubbly,centre sour alien livers.

MBAP after her topping

Sour alien livers
Right then folks,a little update,the bigger girls are on day 23,and the smaller sour alien livers is on day 19.
They are all steaming along nicely now,all have shown sex,and I beheaded the little sour alien livers yesterday.hopefully it will keep the hight down on them,but I'm doubting it.the MBAP,AvT,sour stomper and sour alien livers,I'm expecting to get big...very open structures to these girls,where as the creme bubbly is looking a lot more compact,but dense with leaves.i reckon the stretch will start within a week...hold onto your hats,things will be getting exciting very soon :vibe:

Sour alien livers.

AvT special pheno.

Creme bubbly.

Sour stomper.

Group shot,there's a voice in my head telling me things are gonna get tight in the tent when the sour alien livers kicks into gear lol.
looking good in here man have a rep slap :slap: il tag along to see how your creme bubbly and avt turn out i missed out on a avt special but got some
nch x sh and white crack as freebies so not all bad :rofl:maybe il get a few when i order some fantasmo express :pop::pop::pop: