Indoor Mars Hydro SP 6500 - Humboldt Magic Melon auto


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Apr 19, 2011
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What's up fellow growers :toke: Time for another round.

Going to be kind of jumping out of my comfort zone for this one but we can thank the good people over @ Mars Hydro for that :rofl: Won the light in one of the awsome comps they're always holding here for us members and am truly stoked to finally be able to get it up and running :woohoo:

Had to upgrade from the old 3x3 so i could accommodate the new light so figured i would pay back Mars a little and ordered myself a new 4x4... Decided to try out some Humboldt Seed Co Magic Melon Auto's for starters this round, Not too much info about these seeds out there but seen them on my Gov's weed store while buying some gummy's so said screw it and added a pack to the cart lol

Went with my normal Pro-Mix & Gaia green again for the soil but added some kelp and glacial rock dust to hopefully help out some more :mrgreen: Soils been sitting for 3 weeks already mixed up so its ready to go... (Don't look like the soil is too active in the pic but had one hell of a fuzzy head on her before i mixed it up lol)

Now we just sit back and wait....

Mars (1).JPG
Yeah same here, Not even that much info about it on the breeders site :shrug: Taste profile sounded good though lol Funky fuel w Hint of Raspberry :eek1:
We shall see how she turns out then. So I'll be able to go 100% on my fc3000 soon since I'll be moving everything to my bedroom now, definitely much cooler than that hot ass walk in.
Why won't you be able to? .. that's gonna be my next purchase hopefully a 4x4

Just too much power for the space lol Its pretty much intended for array lighting in big commercial grows :smoking:

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