New Grower Micro Grow! 3L airpot fed by autopot aqua box


Jul 5, 2017
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The seed: Pineapple express by Barneys farm.
The small pot is due to lack of space in tent, and just as an experiment for a bit of fun! Seen other journals saying dont grow in small airpots as they dry out so fast, so thought how about connecting it to a autopot 'aquabox' so it can feed itself when required, mixing the benefits of the airpot and autopot
Little worried some nutrients may not pass along the matting time will tell!
Medium: Clay pebble and ecothrive coco
Light: mars 2 400w
Waiting for germination...Pictures to follow soon
Welcome DT, and congratulations on starting your first grow.

Coco in a small pot with auto-feed is basically hydro and that's how you grow the really big plants. You may want to think about a larger pot that you hand water only once it starts to dry out. If you want to stay smaller. Another way to put it is if you water Coco like soil you get soil results but if you water it like Hydro you get hydro results.

Anyway, like you say this is going to be an experiment. Should be fun to watch [emoji106][emoji269]

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sounds good man : ) what size space you got or is it just a tent filler? she'll get some size if that lights all for her. ive had a few small scale experiments. none of them turned out well so i can offer you no wisdom lol but theres some amazing guys in the micro growers section if you havent found it already. : )