Perpetual grow vs SOG 2 tents how to yield more

Jun 26, 2021
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Hello I have 2 tents a 2x4x6 with a Mars hydro tsl2000 and a 32 inch by 32 inch with a burble viparspectra 230w from the wall...

would I produce more yield starting a plant every two weeks under the burble then moving under the Mars hydro when flowering this way I would harvest a single plant more often

or starting 3 or 4 plants every month of so under the burble then moving those over once the current batch is harvested? This way I would fill my tent with plants the same age harvest around every 5 weeks.
Other option would be just do separate grows in each tent but I feel like using the burble just for veg will be more efficient?
I too use two areas for growing...first is germ/vegging for 3-4 weeks 24/0 under a mild T5HO..then moved to a flower room of 500w of mixed led to finish. I start multiple plants approx every 3 weeks for a constant supply. Been doing it perpetually for over 15 years with seldom a hiccup that I didn't get to burn.
I don't think too much blue light would be good for any stage.:pass:
Well if you guys need someone to test out a good light for a 32inch by 32 inch tent let me know. Otherwise gonna try and get my money’s worth out of this burble lmao