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Sep 6, 2017
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Hey everyone,

So this is my second grow I'm 60 days from germination..yesterday so I though I'd upload some pics and see what everyone thinks?

I'm using a vipar spectra 450w led (if now added a 300w cfl because it was getting a little cold and I had it to hand, only beenn on for about 3 weeks now)

Iv only fed them once, a think there's a bit of Bute burn. Also the front 3 are quick ones and the rear 2 are royal dwarfs.

So anyway what u lot think??
Excuse the mistakes it's my phone auto correcting me lol
I think there lovely, they look like have deficances of some sort though nice plants man

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How much longer do u reckon Il be waiting??.

My next problem is i've got the 1 tent and if they finish at different times.. Dunno how I'm gonna try em... cont have them out of the tent
Make a dry room with cardboard boxes [emoji403] and am not sure how long you got to go

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You just need a small fan and carboard box

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Lol cardboard, it will stink up the room!
Thats what i used it drys well buddy

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Yeah if the smell wasn't an issue id be doing it m8. I use a carbon filter in the tent but iv only got 1
Yeah am going have to worry about this also now on this second grow, my first grow i put ona gel in my grow room and not only does it take the smell away it actually kills the smell of the plants, this time round all my plants so stinky, i dont have a carbon filter yet, am going to use ona gel outside the room, it works wonders

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