Sour Crinkle Two Ways


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Jun 23, 2017
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Sour Crinkle
Been hanging around AFN for quite a while now, decided it’s time to finally put up a grow. So I’m going to be doing four Sour Crinkles, comparing different coco types and different nutrients.

60x90 grow cupboard, hoping to move to a 1.2 x 1.2 grow tent in a better location in the next few weeks.
250W DIY cobs in an air-cooled reflector (the reflector was necessary in the summer, maybe not so much now but it’ll be pain to remove the COB’s so it’s staying).
Manrose Extraction fan hooked up to a SMS Hybrid single Fan Controller
9l Airpots
Blumats (not used these before so should be fun)
Two different types of coco, first is GoldLabel Hydrococo (60% clay balls, 40% coco), This was the best medium by far when I was using Autopots, and DNA Mils Coco with Cork which I've not tried before.
Nutrients are going to be Remo and Biotabs with Silicum Flash, so really it’s going to be Sour Crinkle Four Ways:

Sour Crinkle [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] Remo and Hydrococo

Sour Crinkle [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] Biotabs and Hydrococo

Sour Crinkle [HASHTAG]#3[/HASHTAG] Remo and CocoCork

Sour Crinkle [HASHTAG]#4[/HASHTAG] Biotabs and CocoCork

Main aim is to see if there’s a different in flavour between the Remo nutes and Biotabs.

Still not decided if the water’s going to be plain tap (PH7.4) or RO, not sure I can be bothered with the RO because it takes so long and wastes so much water…

Couple of pics to get things going, the two Remo’s are the first to break soil, still waiting on the Biotabs couple.

Sour Crinkle [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] (Remo Hydrococo)

Sour Crinkle [HASHTAG]#3[/HASHTAG] (Remo CocoCork) This one's obviously expecting a hard ride, coming up with it's helmet on!

Comments welcome! :smoking:
Should be an interesting grow off.
Quick update, Sour Crinkle [HASHTAG]#3[/HASHTAG] has shown her head :d5:

Attention, this is the last call for Sour Crinkle [HASHTAG]#4[/HASHTAG] - you have 6 hours to break the medium's surface or action will be taken

It had a tail:spels:when it went in so I'm a bit mystified as to why it hasn't come up. Another seed's in a paper just in case she doesn't make it...
This grow is right up my alley -- doing Crinkle 3-ways. I'm along for the right. Sweet photography !!
Looking good. I'm gonna be ordering some remo today. Gonna go full line up. I'm interested to see how this turns out.