Tale of Two White Crack

Nov 10, 2016
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figured as this myth is generally busted I had two [HASHTAG]#mephisto[/HASHTAG] white crack germed on 7/29 thus making them 31 days old.

White crack 1 was LST and basically flattened around a 5 gallon bucket. She started showing sex at day 21 and had 7-8 main colas forming nicely. Nice little buds flowering now.

White crack 2 was topped at day 20 which created a slow down on her cycle. She didn't start to show sex nor flower. So essentially on this grow topping one and not the other slowed down her sexing By 10 days as she's starting to show now. Probably when all is said and done I expect her to be 1-2 weeks behind as of today. If she catches up in the end we shall see. I'll post some pics tonight

Pretty neat how one snip can really set one back and not the other. I'm really curious if she's similar as a final product
The two girls- should have posted earlier


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So topping or lst? Which was better in the end?

Think on it:
Does knowledge have intrinsic value or does it need to have a practical use to have value?
:smoking: it's all about the hormones mate! ....growing tips produce such regulatory ones, and lopping off the top/main causes an huge shift in this dynamic; the plant has to respond and begin shifting the focus of energy and resources to the laterals, especially the ones next node down,... that takes time, and is likely why it stalls out the triggering to bloom, if it happens early enough... LST and other training methods do a similar thing, but is far less "traumatic"; the bending of the branches and increased light exposure releases hormones that make the plant start to put more resources into these better exposed areas, end-resulting in more bud production vs. what would have developed w/o such training,... We have some Masters here at doing this, often turning what would be a meager side branch or just a nugg' into a nice cola! :hump: ... The caveat is you need to have your veg' game down, and plenty of skill/practice on the if/when/how or employing such methods...:thumbsup: And as usual, the strain choice plays a significant role as well....
Ive been doing lst. Never tried topping. Odd how i feel personally off about cutting the plant so harshly, but i bend them and cut leaves with no remorse... I was just wondering as ive seen a lot of people swearing by topping autos and doing well... So i was just wondering if there was any data or comparisons to show one may or may not out yield or same yield but one takes a shorter time than the other...

Think on it:
Does knowledge have intrinsic value or does it need to have a practical use to have value?