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Apr 7, 2016
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I'd like to thank afn for the platform and members/staff that helped me build what is now a successful business. My passion for cobs and helping others will never end so I decided to offer a bit more assistance in the lighting world. Being a conflict to post in the main forums leaves me thinking of ways to continue the journey of helping which has always been more important than selling.

While COBSHOP.NET does have different versions to fit all experience levels I am opening my section to assist outside the product list. The biggest issue I see with DIY now is the information and how it's presented to people. It's far from easy to go from hearing about cobs to actually building your very first light. It can also be dangerous as most know.

I also spent some time doing a DIY conversion for @BuffaloKing that I will eventually post here as well.

PLEASE! Before you open your LED panel or start wiring lights up please if and when you have a questions do not hesitate. I will do my best to help and answer any questions you may have as quickly as possible.

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@BigSm0 I got my Mars II 400w ready for this!!!!! Been waiting for some more info and just got my new tent. Couldn't be better timing!!

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I'm more excited than you are. When your ready open the lid and get the info on the drivers and how many drivers are in there. A picture is easiest. I have done a few dozen mars conversions but never a 400. Just make sure it's unplugged lol and take your time