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Sep 18, 2016
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Day 16 from seed the trainwreck is doing great but the bloody skunk auto is showing some very weird new growth curling downward, and she starting to show some pistils. No idea what's wrong growing in soil (organic potting soil with worm castings, perlite, peat moss, vermiculite, and seed starting mix 20% each one) AN ph perfect grow micro bloom 3ml/gal. Please help every bud I lose is one I have to buy.
I don't know for sure what would cause this except some wierd genetic flaw showing up.I would say to hold off nutes for a while and see what pops out.Maybe some side branching will shoot out put only time will tell.
Ok ill lay off of the nutes for now do you think I could maybe to it?
Thank you for the response brother greatly appreciated.
I agree with Nammy, it looks like it is a little N toxic. Normally 3 ml/L of AN is not a real hot mix, but when also getting nutes from the worm casting in your soil mix, you may be getting too hot, especially when only a couple weeks old. Check your soil pH just to make sure nothings wrong down below, then run just pHed water for awhile. Sometimes the newest growth looks a little weird at first, then quickly grows out of it. Good luck.
:yeahthat:... yeah, newest growth has that N-fried look,, watch the other leaves for tip claw too,.. might be that little dose tipped them over the edge,... new leaves can grow out oddly for a number of reasons though, so let's see what a few days brings for development,.....
This plant is a little further down the line in this shot than yours but it will serve the purpose in which we are talking here. I cant add much more to what the rest have said without sounding like were beating a dead horse, but visual is always good to have when backing verbal information.

Here you will see N toxicity as well as a slight over water. Look at the fans tips on the newest set of large fans, youll see a curl to them and some straight point down. The over water is coming from the roll to the leaf, so you get a 2 for 1 here. See the N tox and an over water response from a plant.
Hey everyone thanks for the responses, I kinda freaked out and topped and defoliated her just kinda decided I'd have two experiments, realized it was the claw after I topped it. But she's responded well so far. Thanks for all of the advice.
day 20 from seed top right is one I topped