Yellowing fans day 56 Mephisto NCH or Stilton


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Jan 15, 2017
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I have a NCH or Stilton (not sure which) at about day 56 thats started showing fading fan leaves in the last 2 days. Also showing very purple stems to most fan leaves and purple striping to the main stem. One or two "rust spots" that possibly look faded rather than burned. Light in colour so far.

Also has a slight demeanour of an unhappy girl. Almost like she wants a flush? Slightly turned down edges to the leaves. NOT the ends like N tox, just a general downturn slightly. Stalks rigid.

She is in approx 10 litres of Biobizz Lightmix and perlite.

Have been lowering N in the nutes and giving lots (maybe too much) P & K booster.

Low dose of AN base nutes: micro, grow, bloom, b52, big bud (all around 1ml/L) and small amount of carboload. Calmag at 1ml/L.

She's also had a few 3/4 strength doses of green planet Bud Booster (3 doses?) and one dose of Dense with water only.

250w of cobs at 18 inches from main cola. 24/0 lighting to control humidity (although no meter so clueless there).

Anybody have any ideas?

I have no way of knowing/testing PH/PPM/EC and no way of buying anything to test with unfortunately.

I have no idea, but at a guess, could it be some sort of lock out caused by spike in soil PH caused by P&K boosters maybe? Or calmag def? Or a combo?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Will upload pics from mobile in a minute.

THANKS!!! :d5: :cheers: :vibe:
It's the bigger older fans that are yellowing by the way!




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Purple stems can be a sign that your ph is off.

Thanks mate. Sounds very plausible!

Too high or too low with the strong p and k boosters I stuck in there? I'm gonna beed a cheap diy solution as totally brassic!!!

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Fading leaves feel rough and dry. Darker non affected leaves feel smooth and "moist" but just as in not dry, rather than actually moist.

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Ahhh she doesn't look bad at all mate. Hi or low ph I dunno bro. If she was mine I wouldn't stress about it, not when she's pushing 60 days old. I think she's plenty healthy to continue stacking on flowers for the next couple weeks.
Iam in agreement with Iampepe :D

It looks sweet for day 60 ... personally i would not give two hoots about the teeny tiny little marks at this stage, in another 2 weeks they'll be dying of and looking worse for wear anyway hehe :D