Completed RQS Orion F1

Hello peeps! Another good season stars for me with temps and humidity with which I can work with better than during summer. After a couple of heights tests, I decided to start straight from the pot with the latest seeds from RQS. I won't get into the whole genetics ting, but I'll simply get my hands dirty and get into it.

I'm also a bit late on this blog as the plants are already in a good stage, but I was blocked and could not create a new blog because of an error message that ended up being a simple problem with my pic.. (duuh)

So keep it simple, take the same as last season and do it again...
Biobizz allmix + 30g of RQS Easyboost granules
Last attempt with a 3 gal fabric pot before to switch back to my basic plastics pots
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Hey lovely jubs.. I just realized I didn't give any details about the RH and temps I worked with during that grow.. My environment stayed pretty stable between 50 and 58% (although some of my pics can show different, as pics were taken with the tent doors open) temps stayed around 23 and 26. I only started to use seriously a VPD chart towards the second part of flowering, once the main bulk of buds is in place..
Lately the temps dropped a bit, so I had to drop the RH too according to my RVPD. (22/23C and 49-52% RH) I don't have a IR thermometer yet so I won't start going into numerous plant temp mesuring haha I juste assume (and hope) that the average of the leaves are about 1 degree C lower than the tent average temp. It's all guesstimate anyways as the temps and RH are not exactly the same at different places in the tent...
Awesome seeing how this Beauty grows just found mine N post alongside other cultivars I'll post results now found site lovely Girl Enjoy Gromie 🇬🇧💚🌱💯🔥😉👊☮️

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