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Ardent FX Decarboxylator and Infusion Machine


This is a quick review and use guide on the Ardent FX. A fantastic machine for making infusions and edibles.

This machine has the ability to decarboxylate, extract, infuse, melt AND bake in one device. The Ardent FX is a portable cannabis kitchen. You are able to start with as little as 1g up to 4oz of flower. The FX allows for the full activation, decarb and infusion of THC, CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids. Simple 2 button use, set it and forget it!

The Ardent FX has 4 different settings for the full spectrum of activation(decarb), infusion, and baking. These can be cycled through based on your needs.

  • A1: Activating THC and CBG
  • A2: Activating CBD
  • Infuse: Infusing your cannabis into oil or fat
  • Bake: Baking and cooking. The unit cooks at a temperature of 300° F

Read more here:

They have a great teaching blog section as well.

Regular price on the FX is right at ~$300. They have several accessory packages available but I would only recommend the silicone infusion sleeve when starting out. It makes cleanup extremely easy as well as removing your final product from the machine.

Everything comes in a nice semi-hard case:


Inside the case you get your FX machine, power base, and silicone sleeve if you bought one. (You should.)


It will take some test and tune useage to determine what works best for you. This is a quick guide on how to use the Ardent.
Simply weight out some dried flower material:


Put it into the silicone sleeve:


Drop the sleeve into the machine:


Put the lid on and we are ready to start the decarb cycle:


There are only 2 buttons so you really can't make a mistake. The power/start button in the center and the "M" below it are the only buttons. Once you load your sleeve and install the lid, plug in the machine. Once it is sitting on the base it should light the A1 cycle by default. Press the center power button to start the decarb cycle.


When the cycle is running the center button turns red. Once the heating is finished the button will start blinking red, indicating that the machine is cooling down. At this point you could open the machine and begin the infusion cycle but it is best to let it finish completely. The buttons will all return to solid green when the cycle is completely finished. It can take 2-3hours or longer. Be patient.


Once all the buttons and lights are green it is time to add your infusion medium of choice. You could stop here and use the fully decarbed flower "as-is". I usually infuse into MCT oil for making edibles. You can see how clear the oil is going into the infusion cycle.


Pour in your oil or butter. Press the "M" until the infuse light is green. Press the center power button and it will begin the infusion cycle. Let it run just like the decarb cycle. It blinks red when cooling and all green when finished. Same timeframe. Plan on several hours but you can start the cycle and easily leave it until later.


A quick strain with the French Press and fully activated and infused cannabis oil. Ready to use or be mixed into any recipe. Feel free to strain or press differently. This was just handy and easy. DO expect to lose some oil into the dry flower. I typically run 7g of flower into 70ml of oil and a return of 50ml of useable infused MCT oil.


If you are looking for an easy way to make edibles, this is it. Yes it's a bit pricey but works extremely well and is very easy to setup and complete the decarb/infusion process. It does go on sale occasionally. I would only recommend the infusion sleeve as a necessary accessory. Very easy to load, remove, and clean. It's far easier to pinch the silicone sleeve and pour from that instead of the rigid machine itself.

Smell can be a big concern when trying to decarb or infuse. This machine is mostly scentless. I know several reviews and their own website tout "scentless" action. Well, it does smell. Only, it's very very little and noticeable only in the immedate area of the machine during the active cycle. I do set a small weight on the top of mine and that helps hold the lid on tighter. This does greatly reduce the escaping scent. Also between cycles, whenever you open the machine, be ready for a large amount of smell to escape. Move fast and with purpose when adding your infusion material.

I know that several other members here have this machine and speak highly of it. Feel free to shoot me any questions. I would absolutely recommend buying this or any of their other smaller machines if you have an interest in making edibles.

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