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If you're searching for high quality jars for your concentrates, the Supercell at dragonchewer.com may exactly what you're looking for. I came across these searching for high quality jars for my extracts. The 5ml capacity glass jars can be purchased in clear or opaque cobalt black, and come with a child resistant locking lid with an option of black or white. The lid is equipped with a Teflon style PTFE seal that can be PE coated if you should so choose. The seal is highly resistant to sticky concentrates, and I can confirm seals very tightly to keep stock fresh.

I've purchased many other concentrate jars for personal needs. While looking these over in hand, and after a bit of use they, seem to be of higher quality than many comparatively priced jars. The patented built in carb cap, adds a an overall higher quality of functionality to the jar, while also being a very affordable option for your concentrate short storage needs.


Overall.. They are only a few cents over a dollar per jar, and I will purchase them again as needed. I highly recommend checking them out if you're in the market...

Thanks for stopping in and looking over my review!

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