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Hello all - this is a review of the Devil Press DS2000.
This was my first foray in to pressing for rosin, and such I researched a lot prior to purchasing, and my decision was the devil press - a UK company that obviously makes things easy for delivery and costs for the UK.

The box was solid and well insulated, I still use the box now when I put it away in between crops.
The sent as gifts, a 5 pack of silicon pots, somer random tag necklace, a branded face mask, and not in this picture a set of 5 dab tools in a little metal case.

The specs are as follows:
Size: 195 x 130 x 312mm
Using voltage: 90-120V or 220-240V
Machine power: 200W (100W per heating tube, a total of two heating tubes)
Heat Pressing Plate Size : 11.5cm x
Max Heat: 220C.
Gross Weight- 10kg

The price was a touch high, but living in the UK you have two choices, make your own or buy something - this Items cost was £545 GBP and that was in 2020, they seem to be the same price now although the company has a wider array of products.

Anyway, the product is well built and sturdy, and at the same time very simple to use. It has two hot plates 11.5cm x and can be pressed up to four ton, Each one is independently controlled by a simple to use set of buttons for top and bottom plate, along the bottom there is the release knob and down the front side is the lever to manually press.


So far I have pressed a variety of products in the press and they all work well once you get teh right temperatures, Bubble Bag kief, Moroccan Hash, Indian Hash, weeds - all come out good. Some snaps





So about two years in now what is the Verdict:
Ease of Use: ****/***** - very easy to use
Cost: ***/***** I try to buy things 'once so happy to spend more but the cost is high in my opinion
Build Quality: ****/***** This is a solid item, everything works fine and has never missed a beat with nearly two years of use now

Overall, I am happy with the purchase of this product, it has allowed me to enter the world of Rosin in an easy fashion but at a price. A bit random with the nae DS2000 with it being a 4t press. I do not seeing the need to replace this for many years so it pays for itself over time and I feel it will last.


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