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GREASE GUN by Atlas Seeds

This was a very easy plant to grow that did autoflower. It was grown in BuildaSoil Light mix in a 1 gal pot and was amended with craft blend and build a flower twice. This cultivar was a sativa hybrid and grew very well. The internodal spacing was average and this cultivar was untrained. The colas are very more fluffy than dense (but in a good way). Sticky and greasy, very satisfied with this flower.

Started giving off a nice smell about halfway through the grow. It was sweeter during the grow and started getting a nice funk to it at he end. After curing for about 5 months it gives off a crazy orange diesel funk that sticks to your nostrils. If you ever used that gritty orange hand cleaner, it smells exactly like that. Reminds me of working with my dad in the garage growing up.
Smoke Report
Tastes very similar to how it smells. Just and orange diesel funk up front with a orange sweetness on the back. Has such a nice throat coat quality too it. Very smooth in a joint, one of my favorites so far. I wish I had put her in a 5 gal instead of a 1 gal.
This is also one of my favorite day time smokes. One of those strains that gives you some nice energy, makes you want to clean the whole house or do a project. But is also mellow at the same time, no paranoia here. I also harvested with very minimal ambers to help increase uplifting effects (my goto with sativas now). In terms of effect I'd say 70% sativa 30% indica (just my opinion).
The Numbers (important stuff)
This plant was grown in a 1 gal fabric pot in BAS Light soil and amended w/ BAS craft blend and buildaflower twice throughout the grow. I didnt do a journal on this one and these weights are coming from memory.
Dry weight:
11 grams of quality TOP shelf bud
4 grams of airy bud/trim

On a scale from 1 to 10
Ease of growth: 9
Scent: 10
Smoke: 10
Effect: 10
Bag Appeal: 7.5
Overall: 9.5

This was an enjoyable and easy plant to grow. Nice and frosty, good quality buds, smells amazing and as the name suggests greasy as hell. We have been savoring this one because we didnt get much off of it, but I will definitely be growing this one again. It was a freebie, but we enjoyed it so much that I will be purchasing more beans in the future. Grow this out if you have it!!!


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