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Mephisto Genetics - Forum Stomper Review (9.5 out of 10)

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FORUM STOMPER by Mephisto Genetics

This was an easy plant to grow that did autoflower. It took well to Fox Farm Ocean Forest and adding dry amendments though out the grow. This cultivar was a true hybrid and stayed pretty short. The internodal spacing was short as well and the flowers grew into each other which produced large frosty colas, exactly as described by Mephisto. My was she pretty throughout the entire grow. Covered in nice long trichomes, like she got snowed on.
Stayed pretty tame throughout most of the grow but got intense at the end. This was quite a mixture of terpenes and scents. Starts with sweet floral, rose like, followed with an almost milky funk (cookies) to it. It smells delicious and I've yet to come across something that smells quite like it (I'm sure that will change with time).
Smoke Report
One of my favorites to prep and smoke, super sticky (SUPER sticky) and funky and releases all those terps when you break it apart. Watch out if you break it up with your fingers as you will have loads of trichs on your finger tips after. Joints are so smooth with this cultivar and the taste is very similar to the scent. You get a fruity flowery funk with a milky throat coat essence to it. It is most delicious.
This was a solid true hybrid, maybe leaning a little more on the indica side. Very mellow all around, you get a nice body high with stress relief and relaxation of the mind. Granted we mostly smoked joints later in the day, I don't know how it would be in small doses early on, but very pleasurable I'm sure. I only have about a quarter left and will be sad once its gone.
The Numbers (important stuff)
This plant was grown in a 3 gal fabric pot in FFOF amended w/ BAS craft blend twice through the grow. A little stunted due to overwatering early. She was also dealt with fungus gnats twice, though the population never got out of hand. With that being said:
Dry weight:
41 grams of quality TOP shelf bud
15 grams of airy bud/trim

On a scale from 1 to 10
Ease of growth: 8
Scent: 9
Smoke: 10
Effect: 9
Overall: 9.5

This plant was a pleasure to grow and consume, and one of my favorites all around so far. This reminded me of the "Sticky Icky" from back in the day. That good shit you paid $70 an 1/8th for. Best shit on the block kinda bud.


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