Autoflowering ILMG - Northern Lights Auto Review

ILGM - Northern Lights Auto (90% Indica) Review

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This was my first grow ever under the Mars Hydro TS 1000, lots learned from this grow!!!

This was a very easy plant to grow that did autoflower. It took well to Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog, and was a champ that pushed through me not knowing how to use liquid nutrients very well. Though I did figure it out towards the end. This cultivar was a heavy indica but grew relatively tall @ ~35". The internodal spacing was long and the flower produced many golf ball plus sized colas.
Stayed pretty tame throughout most of the grow but intensified towards the end. This has a very nice terpene profile. The first whiff is a nice gassy funk followed by a hint of sweet berries and vanilla. This has been my favorite terp profile so far, though I have some contenders curing atm. Very very nice funky scent.
Smoke Report
This was also quite a pleasure to smoke. Very nice flower to break into, releases all those terps I was talking about. In a joint it hits nice and smooth and that gassy funk really stands out in the after taste. The after after taste leaves you with hints of woody vanilla. It has been one of my favorites to roll and smoke.
This has been our families and friends favorite night time smoke. Still is and I've been holding on to the last 1/8 for like 6 months now. Savoring it. This strain gives you a nice case of the munchies and an almost instant couch lock. We love smoking this cultivar after a long hard day. You get a nice mellow mind high along with an intense body high that relaxes all of you. One of my favorites that I will keep in my rotation, in fact I have a Seed Stockers version that I just transplanted outside.
The Numbers (important stuff)
This plant was grown in a 5 gal fabric pot in half FFHF and half FFOF, that I used some bottled nutes on (I have most of i documented in my grow). She was under watered, dealt with a new grower, had a phosphorus deficiency/lockout and still produced some nice buds. Though the buds were a little airy, I account that mostly because it was sharing light with a monster amnesia haze and the TS 1000 isnt the most powerful light either.
Dry weight:
Good bud: 61.47g or 2.2oz
Shake and Larf: 20.81g

On a scale from 1 to 10
Ease of growth: 9
Scent: 9
Smoke: 9
Bag Appeal: 7
Effect: 10
Overall: 9

This plant was extremely easy to grow and took quite a punishment from a first timer.


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