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SKYWALKER by Mephisto Genetics

This was another easy plant to grow that did autoflower. It took well to Fox Farm Ocean Forest and adding dry amendments though out the grow. This cultivar was a 65% indica 35% sativa hybrid and stayed pretty short. The internodal spacing was short as well and the flowers produced many golf ball sized colas (quite frosty), exactly as described by Mephisto. Though this pheno really fox tailed and I've been told by a few others that this cultivar fox tailed for them as well. Other than the fox tailing, this cultivar grew pretty much exactly as described by Mephisto.
Stayed pretty tame throughout the entire grow. This is the one area where I was pretty disappointed. There was basically no smell during the grow and after the grow. Even after a longer 3 month cure, there still wasn't much in the way of scent and taste. If I could describe the smell it would be light lime. Like water with a hint of lime.
Smoke Report
This was an interesting one in terms of smoking. I love terps and flavors, this did not have much of that. But the smoke was very smooth and "light". Refreshing is the perfect word. Even though there wasnt much flavor this was still a nice pleasurable smoke. Light smoke, thats all.
This was supposed to be a heavy indica in terms of effect, but we found it to be more of a sativa hybrid. This turned into my wife's favorite daytime smoke for a while. Until it was gone at least. But we got nice light buzz after vaping a little with a decent body buzz as well. But if you faced a whole joint it would definitely help with sleep as well. You just have to smoke a lot more of it to get that indica effect.
The Numbers (important stuff)
This plant was grown in a 3 gal fabric pot in FFOF amended w/ BAS craft blend twice through the grow. A little stunted due to overwatering early. She was also dealt with fungus gnats twice, though the population never got out of hand. With that being said:
Dry weight:
37 grams of quality TOP shelf bud
9 grams of airy bud/trim

On a scale from 1 to 10
Ease of growth: 8
Scent: 3
Smoke: 8
Effect: 8
Overall: 7

This plant was easy to grow and for me was great to grow in an apartment since it didn't smell much. But reading the description on Mephistos website, I must have gotten a different pheno. This plant did not take me to my own world of planet Skywalker and unless heavily smoked did not couch lock me. We really liked this strain, I just grew it as my indica and it ended up being more hybrid. Im sorry I never took pictures of this cultivar after the dry and cure, I checked my entire photos and couldnt find one. It's all be smoked up :baked:


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