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This was a relatively easy plant to grow that did autoflower. It was grown in BuildaSoil Light mix and was amended with craft blend and build a flower twice. This cultivar was a hybrid and stayed pretty short. The internodal spacing was very short as well and there was not much stretch after training. The colas are very dense and because she stayed so squat, colas grew into each other. I decided not to use my dehumidifier during the last stages of flower and regretted it (average 55%). The main cola ended up getting bud rot, but I was able to save the rest of the plant. So if you decide to grow this one, keep the humidity down in flower.

Stayed pretty tame throughout the most of the grow, but got stronger at the end. This is probably the sweetest cultivar I have grown so far, has like a overly sweet mixed berry pie scent to it.
Smoke Report
Tastes very similar to how it smells, gives a nice sweet berry after taste and is very smooth in a joint. It also has that nice light throat coat quality, not as intense as True Mac. Very enjoyable light sweet smoke.
This was one of the first RocBud cultivars I grew, and its hard to find out if they are couch locking or euphoric. I thought this was going to be more indica leaning, but it actually turned out to be more sativa dominate, at least in terms of effect. After a joint you feel relaxed but not couch locked and creative or focused. Good cleaning or getting chores done cultivar. I also had to chop her down early as to not risk getting more bud rot. I'd say 65% sativa 35% indica (just my opinion).
The Numbers (important stuff)
This plant was grown in a 5 gal fabric pot in BAS Light soil and amended w/ BAS craft blend and buildaflower twice through the grow. If I didnt have to toss the main cola I think I would have come close to an OZ.
Dry weight:
17 grams of quality TOP shelf bud
4 grams of airy bud/trim

On a scale from 1 to 10
Ease of growth: 7
Scent: 7
Smoke: 8
Effect: 8
Bag Appeal: 10
Overall: 8

This was an enjoyable plant to grow and very dense, I would definitely keep the humidity down next time. Probably the prettiest Ive grown so far and covered in Trichomes. Solid genetics.





Journal: Phantomberry Grow

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