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Hello all - this is a review of the Acapulco Gold from (thank you again)

The plants grew very slender and fast, her internodal spacing was not the best, but coming from a Sativa it held up well. very little work was needed throughout, some bending and tying down to ensure light penetration everywhere. Other than that she grew well, bulked up ok, and produced some very hard little nuggets, the biggest was about the size of a golf ball - but there were plenty for the size of the plant. She was lanky as well, and took up the front half of the tent, and the a few branches were supercropped and she took it all in her stride.

The stand out of this bud is the smell, it is so very old school pepper, I mean very peppery, with a great uplifting high allowing it to be a good daytime smoke or for going on a ride or something.

She has cured for a over a month now in Grove Bags, the smell is still very strong, and the smoke is smooth.

The scores
  • Bag appeal : **** / *****
  • Taste : **** / ***** The taste is very old school, with a strong pepper coming through
  • Smell : ***** / ***** Very peppery
  • High : *** / ***** A nice clean sativa hit without any raciness, good for daytime when you have stuff to do
  • Medicinal : ** / ***** I use this strain purely for recreation, could be good for appetite though
  • Yield: ***/***** Not the biggest due to her structure, but she gave 108 grams of pure bud and no larf at all
Overall, a nice and easy plant to grow, nice smoke - I will keep a seed or two of this in my stash for future grow.

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