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I bought the Core E-rig mid 2021 and have been using it since then for rosin and hashish.

First of all, inside the box, everything is in a padded carry case which is sturdy, within the carry case came a decent array of items - they were as follows:
1 - Dab Rig
1 - Charger cable (usb to type C)
3 - bucket atomisers - 1 Titanium, 1 quartz and 1 coil
1 - 5 pack of cleaning cotton buds
1 - strip of alcohol wipes
1 - set of replacement rubber rings
1 - dab tool
1 - silicon rosin pot

The first thing that strikes you is the size, it is small, I was expecting something bigger - but dont let that fool you it certainly packs a punch.
Everything comes apart very easily without the need for tools, all the bowls easily screw on and off, anf can be disassembled for cleaning just by unscrewing the top from the base of the actual bowl.
Initially i was a tad confused by the settings but after watching a short clip on You Tube it was all very clear. Everything is controlled by one button.
- press five times to turn it on
- press 3 times to scroll through the colours which each represent a heat setting (each setting should be used with their respective bowl for the best vapour)
- press 2 times to start (it auto stops after 60 seconds at the desired heat)

The heat settings are based on volts and they each flash a different colour on the button when scrolling through and they are = Red is 2.6V, Blue is 2.9V, White is 3.9V and Green is 4.2V.. The 2.6 - 2,9V range is geared towards the triple titanium coil, while the 3.9 - 4.2V range is catered towards the bucket atomizers.

The coil is very hot and in my opinion is too hot for a smooth dab, but it certainly gives out a serious amount of smoke on that setting with the coil, I have also found the coil works well when I throw a crumb of hash on there so that is what I use the coil for now.
The quartz glass is my favorite - it provides the smoothest smoke on the white setting, and plenty of vapour with in my opinion the most flavoursome smoke of all, and finally the titanium which is similar to the quartz, giving a bit more smoke.

With each setting the rig runs for 60 seconds at the temp set, that is ample to have a good single person smoke, there is also a manual setting which is activated by holding down the button that helps if you have not quite finished the rosin in the atomiser.
The battery life is sound, it has never run out on me mid session, I dont run it for long each time but I only put it on charge once every week or two when the light flashes and it takes about an hour to fully charge.

The build quality is good and I have not have any breaks or malfunctions of any kind.

Finally, When I purchased it the price was circa £200 which was in the range of the similar spec rigs, but it has since come down and they have also released a newer version the rig 2.0 which has some upgrades but I have not tried any of them.

Being new to dabbing I do not have much to compare it against - this said, I am very pleased with this purchase, and have no regrets, it is good starter rig - but I can imagine if you have lungs of steel and live on bongs this may be a touch timid - otherwise it rocks.


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