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Tangerine Dream by Barney's Farm (70% sativa and 30% indica) 7 out of 10

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This was an easy plant to grow and did. It took well to Fox Farm Ocean Forest and adding dry amendments though out the grow. I thought do to the sativa dominance it would grow fairly tall, but she stayed pretty squat. It produced nice golf ball sized flowers and the internodal spacing stayed short as well.
The tangerine name held true for the scent and became more and more pungent until harvest. The nugs were quite dense (more dense than the skywalker I grew along side it) and give off an incredible tangerine smell once cracked open.
Smoke Report

Smoking this cultivar was a very nice experience. The nugs are nice and dense, sticky and very pleasurable to break apart. Joints and pipe hits are nice and smooth and you get an after taste of sweet citrus.
This was more of a true hybrid, in small doses you get a nice head high along with a little body tingle. But as soon as you go past that "small dose" point, total indica effects. My wife and I would forget how hard this cultivar can hit you, but would be reminded with "couch lock" early in the morning (not what we were going for first thing in the morning). I always kept this cultivar with my sativas, but will keep it with my hybrids next time.
The Numbers (important stuff)
This plant was grown in a 3 gal fabric pot in FFOF amended w/ BAS craft blend twice through the grow. A little stunted due to overwatering early. She was also dealt with fungus gnats twice, though the population never got out of hand. With that being said:
Dry weight:
35 grams of quality top shelf bud
11 grams of airy bud/trim

On a scale from 1 to 10
Ease of growth: 8
Scent: 8
Smoke: 8
Effect: 6
Overall: 7

This plant was a pleasure to grow and consume, just be careful if you're looking for a day time smoke, as mentioned before she hits hard in large doses.


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