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The Mini Badger

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Mini Badger Unboxing

The Mini Badger is an electric nectar collector designed for vaping concentrates. Equipped with a 'pass over' ceramic tip, operating at 3 user selected heat settings, and powered by a 650mah internal battery. 5 clicks turns the device on and off, and 3 clicks to scroll through the three temp settings.


The passover begins as the vapour passes through the tip that is sealed securely to the body by a silicone seal. Then travels through holes in the upper part of the coil tip body, and then passes into an airtight channel in the plastic frame of the body. From there it goes through the plastic mouthpiece, and on to your lungs...

And you can taste it.


Moving on, and overlooking the fact that it's very inexpensive... the device leaves much to be desired. In reality, it has one semi usable temperature, and that's high ironically. Battery life is dismal, as achieving vapour is quite a lengthy process that requires strong lungs, and time. It is highly dependant on carb action and multiple successive firings of the button on high to achieve what is close to a satisfying vapour... And even then... It leaves you wanting.

Considering it all, my thoughts are that there are much better devices on the market for nearly the same price that do exactly what is needed much more cleanly, and much more effectively.

Thanks for looking over my review!

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