1. briman

    Live Stoners Seattle Cannacon 2018 AFN Boys Trip.

    Hello AFN! @Son of Hobbes, @FullDuplex and myself hit the Seattle Cannacon show last weekend and I wanted to share this experience with all of you! This trip was exciting, as the 3 of us have been staff for quite a few years, but had never met in person. We went to represent The Autoflower...
  2. BigSm0

    Lighting Sizing drivers, Series vs paralell - by BigSm0

    Long overdue. Guys and gals please read this entire thread before making any purchases or wiring any sort of light fixture up. Making the most out of your driver and how to make sure they fit your needs. Paralell wiring Voltage output and amperage are the two most important things for...
  3. briman

    Grow Mediums briman goes Tangiematic in the XL System

    Hello AFN! Just thought that i would journal this grow, instead of keeping it to myself. This will be my second run in the Autopot XL system!:vibe:Blew up my first grow in them with Dinafem Cheese XXL's and got 2 monster Christmas trees out of the deal. Here they are... So now, like the title...
  4. briman


    Hello AFN! This thread will be for anyone wanting to run the Kindsoil and share your growlog/experiences with kindsoil! Best of luck with this great product!:d5: If you have ANY questions at all, @Ripper is your guy! Please give us a little biography of your setup, lights etc. Just like a grow...
  5. Eyes on Fire

    Grow Mediums Kindsoil Official Test Team Grow Battle

    High all, ;) well,Ive been givien the opportunity to try Kind Soil out for the first time. upon opening the bag it stunk heavily of a thick fish blended soil upon a few other things but overall its a concentrated soil for Layering for most are.I wanna see if its not too hot when the...
  6. briman

    Grow Mediums Kindsoil introduction thread

    Hello everyone! I would like to introduce you to a new vendor to AFN! Kindsoil. They are a company that supports and makes soil, for the growing community. They are based out of Michigan, USA. This product is so simple to use. Here is their link to their web site and please do give them a look...
  7. briman

    Myth Bust: Matanuska Thunder Fuck Strain

    Hello everyone! Wanted to bust the myth, that this strain exists. The simple answer is yes...and no! Back in the 70's, there was a guy named Larry, who had the strain, "Matanuska Thunder Fuck". the name was given, for the dank weed that came out of the Matanuska Valley, right here in Alaska. It...
  8. Weedman30

    Extraction Rosin Tech Pure Solvent Free Wax

    Ok guys so this is called the Rosin Tech it was introduced by a guy who goes by SoilGrown and was recently Discovered I'd say. If you like to Dab and don't want to make BHO or don't Dab because your simply an all organic smoker. This Process is the Simplest Safest way to produce some super...