1. Druid

    Indoor Hello again, and thanks for all the fish.

    Let's start at the end. About three years ago I stopped growing weed altogether. I had the idea right after reading some news about new legislation in my country, now some of you may have had an inkling already but now I can officially come out of the closet: I am.. german. I know, it shocked me...
  2. Heart of flowers

    Photoperiod Grand Daddy Purple - Bulk Seeds, ordered from Linda Seeds

    I’ll ordered some photoperiod Grand Daddy Purple - Bulk seeds, from Linda Seeds. I just had to give the GDP a go because of the name and the reputation the strain have/had world-wide, but especially in America. With the order I got 7 freebies from Seedstockers and Royal Queen Seeds. The...
  3. parsing_trees

    Indoor Jewel Tones
    Threadmarks: D15: first post

    My next batch is up and running. As usual I've spared you all posts from the first couple days, waiting for them to sprout and so on. Same setup as before: 2x2' / 60x60 cm tent, reused 1/2 liter polypropylene food containers (ice cream pints) full of coco and hydroton, bottom-feeding with...
  4. B

    Brown spotting on top leaves near flower

    So im growing fastbuds tropicana cookies and banana purple punch autos and having some slight issues with brown spotting mainly on bpp but today on the tropicana. Day 66 Spiderfarmer se3000 at 50% roughly 20-30cm from both main colars Using coco/perlite with ph of 5.8 at feeding. Canna...
  5. Mother Earth Coco Coir Bales are ...

    Mother Earth Coco Coir Bales are ...

    Crap. I've used 3 brands of the pressed & dried coco coir. I know you'll always have some remnants of production, but this was just shoddy product. The "100% coconut coir fibers" was a gross mis-advertisement, really a blatant lie. - Filled with Sand - Numerous ( stopped counting at 12) big...
  6. parsing_trees

    Indoor Winter Sun
    Threadmarks: Day 14: first post

    Time for a new batch. I started soaking the seeds on Christmas, most are 14 days from sprout. It's pretty much the same setup as last time -- I'm growing in a 2x2' / 60x60 cm tent, in reused 1/2 liter polypropylene food containers (ice cream pints) full of coco and hydroton, bottom-feeding with...
  7. parsing_trees

    Grow Mediums Using an Autopot aquavalve for a tray of small containers of coco (SOG)?

    Do any of you have experience with using an autopot aquavalve to bottom-feed a tray of smaller containers? I want to set up automated watering, and using an aquavalve seems like a good fit because I've been bottom-feeding small containers for several grows, just watering by hand. I like that...
  8. parsing_trees

    Indoor Off to Seed the Wizard
    Threadmarks: D6: first post

    I've got a new batch of autos going: 4x Wizard's Apprentice regs (Night Owl) 2/4x Wild Thailand Ryder (World of Seeds) 2x Walter White (Mephisto) 1x Mango Smile (Mephisto) 1x BB#3 (Night Owl / Dark Horse collab) I've tried to grow most those before but ran into problems -- I had a few WAs...
  9. ItzSticky

    Grow Mediums Coco growers! How do you all dilute your nute mix?

    Hey everyone! Just switched to coco and wanting to know how everyone preps their nutes. My biggest question is appropriately mixing in the dilution while still having the correct ratio of calmag. I’m using rainwater and diluting with RO water. I’m also using FF calmag, and GH floranova...
  10. ItzSticky

    Indoor Sticky Tries Coco
    Threadmarks: Coco grow

    Hey Everyone! This will be my attempt at growing in coco. I’ve grown in organic (FF HF, FF OF), and imo they’ve just been subpar grows. I struggled with overwatering, gnats, and not knowing how to properly mix nutes. Nevertheless, I stuck it out and grew some pretty decent smoke :jointman: So...
  11. Gg#4 auto

    Gg#4 auto

    Seeds placed directly in medium [coco, perlite, charcoal, castings, Dr. Earth nutes) 7.24.22...solo cup challenge is on for one of the lucky seeds selected. 12-12 from seed for all.
  12. ItzSticky

    Grow Mediums What nutes do you hand watering coco growers use?

    Just trying to do my due diligence on different nute lines. All my prior grows were on organic FF soil and i was using their nute line too. Was debating on continuing to use when i went coco but i think it’d be better to just get a coco specific nute line. What do yall use?
  13. parsing_trees

    Indoor Heavy Metal Ice Cream
    Threadmarks: D15: first post, starting bottom-feeding

    Like my previous journal, I'm growing in a 2x2x5'5" / 60x60x165 cm tent (Secret Jardin DR60) with two 60W 3500K autoCOBs. My lights are 20/4 this time, it's no longer winter. Instead of solo cups, I'm using translucent plastic ice cream pint containers I've drilled several 3/8" holes through...
  14. cozyboytro

    Soil vs Coco medium for a First Timer?

    Hey relatively new grower here, I'll be setting up a 2x4 (80cm x 80cm x 180cm) Tent with ViparSpectra P2000 200W lights. I'm thinking of going with an auto flowering strain but I'm still unsure about that. My question is which would be a better medium for a beginner soil or coco? Could I grow 2...
  15. ItzSticky

    Grow Mediums After two grows using FF, wanting to switch to Roots Organic. How do you like them?
    Threadmarks: Roots Organic

    Hey AFN! I started growing with Fox Farm Ocean Forest, and Happy Frog. My only two grows have been with Fox Farm. I'm looking to change soils and since my local hydro store consistently carries them it seems like a sound change. From my understanding Roots Organic is a coco-coir soil base, so...
  16. Daipot

    Seed Stockers Rucu Cucu- 56 litre, hlg 650r grow! (Photoperiod)

    Hey guys. Beans landed a few weeks back and I’ve been unable to put together a journal on this due to a number of health issues but I’m here now! I’m growing one RC that’s currently in a 3 litre pot. It’s will eventually end up in a 56 litre pot and grown underneath the tremendous HLG 650R! I...
  17. parsing_trees

    Indoor 60x60 cm: Solos, Sativas, Seedmaking
    Threadmarks: D15: first post, got a male

    I started this batch on Halloween, it's about 15 days from sprout. A few earlier or later, and there's one Ghost Toof tucked in the back that I started ~10 days after the others. I'm growing in a 2x2x5'5" / 60x60x165 cm tent (Secret Jardin DR60) with two 60W 3500K autoCOBs, using 24/0 for...
  18. E

    Grow Mediums Questions about soil in autopots

    Hi everyone I got my hands on 4 autopots(15 liter) and im thinking about transplanting my 4 plants to them since i have to do it anyway to bigger pots. They are now in 8l pots with 70% soil, 20% perlite and 10% Coco. So my questions: 1. I thinking about filling rest of autopots with 50% soil...
  19. GreenBasterd

    Poor Little Yellow Seedlings - Innocent Victims of Me...

    Problem: Yellow/light green leaves. Medium/grow method: Sprouted rapid rooters. Transplated in Mother Earth 70/30 coco/perlite mix as soon as the taproot left the rapid rooter. Feed and supplements used: Used 1/8 strength Botanicare Pure Blend Grow 3-2-4 to precharge each planting pot with 2L...
  20. Steviestash

    Indoor Coconut coco grow (completed)

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