1. C

    Live Stoners should've said hello here first

    hey guys, im an aussie autoflower seeds collector and grower, hows everyones bowel movements today?
  2. Groku

    Live Stoners Hello AFN.

    Hey there everyone. You can call me groku(like Goku). I've been lurking for a while now. But now it's time to step out of the shadows :toke: so I'm not sure what to say about myself really. I live in the great white North. I have loved and used cannabis for about 15 years now. Its just such a...
  3. Soil2Coco

    Live Stoners new to AFN

    Hi everyone. I spend most of my time over on Grasscity where I’m known for growing some killer photos. I’ve got some Mephisto autos going along with a DP Brooklyn Sunrise mid way though flower. I just wanted to introduce myself and say high!!?
  4. steelcap956

    Live Stoners New guy here. Ready to learn.

    Hello everyone I'm Steelcap. I'm new to the game. My reason for growing is because of the autoflower. Im pushing 40 and I don't smoke alot. Ive attempted growing in my teens but it was just tossing bag seeds within my parents garden hoping they wouldn't notice. Failed. Now I want a budget...
  5. Haze4dayz

    New Grower First time growing. Time to say hello!

    Hello everyone, so I recently moved to Spain and decided it was probably about time to try having a go at growing my own instead of paying rip off prices like you would get back in the UK! Admittedly it is cheaper here but still... If I can grow my own why not?! So I've decided to grow outdoors...
  6. A

    Live Stoners Hi there from the UK doing a autoflower fridge grow and a outdoor auto and photo grow.

    Hi everyone been reading on here for quite sometime so thought I would join. Currently doing a 250w dual spec hps grow in a small fridge freezer iv converted and also got quite a few autoflowers and a few photos outside. I have just started the guerilla ones there only a week in but all doing...
  7. Splitty37

    Live Stoners Hello all!

    Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself! I'm a new member in the south east UK but have been reading up lots on here before starting my 1st grow in years of Dutch Passion Think Different (started a new grow forum earlier, would've done sooner but couldn't work out how! Lol) shes 50 days old...

    Live Stoners CANNASIM : HELLO AFN

    Hello AFN! I'm CANNASIM, is a pleasure to be here! Have been growing since around one and a half years now, Autos and Photos, from apartment balconies to improvised indoor setups, now that I've got a better location, i'm using a compact tent in an unusual format, a triangle. I do it for my GF...
  9. Huygens

    Live Stoners Hello! Let's grow :-)

    Hello AFN members, Introducing myself a bit here. I'm from Belgium (you know, waffles, french fries, beer, pissing statue) and my experience is rather limited. I've grown outdoor for about 3 years now. All autoflower because the weather here in Belgium is very unpredictable. We've had days...
  10. Deadlyeight

    Live Stoners Deadlyeight's AFN live-intro

    Hey AFN, So I ended up starting my log and forgot about my intro~ :crying::jointman::jointman::jointman: so here we go! Its been a Long friendly time with cannabis. Did a few photo runs a decade ago, which were all Mandala genetics, White Satin, Sadhu and Satori. A friend gave me some Green...
  11. Sensyganja420

    Live Stoners Hello friends

    Hello friends, This is my first time on a forum ever. It looks very friendly and I've already learnt more here. I wish you all the best in your future projects. Please forgive me if I'm not online often. :bighug: Cheers
  12. Wandering_Bull

    New Grower How to keep dem alligators from eating up the seed?

    Hi AFN, I'm a total nube to homegrowing and was hoping to get some advice from the experts. I'm down here in good ole south Louisiana so I'm not real sure how/when to plant with the weather down here. I've got some auto fem caramelicious and some regular northern lights seeds en route. I think...
  13. Nero

    Live Stoners Greetings from South America

    Hello, I would like to introduce myself to this community that has been so helpful in figuring out how to grow indoor. Thank you for that! (threads by @Chester @Fairlynew @A-Train, etc.) After a couple of months preparing myself, with literally no previous experience in growing absolutely...
  14. S

    Live Stoners High, everybody!

    high everyone, double entendres doubly posted! Greetings from legal Oregon!!!