1. K

    New Grower Can anybody please help

    I was wondering if anybody can explain to me what the problem is here with my auto flower. All the others seem really healthy but this one has seemed to start dropping for the past 2 days. Thanks
  2. SpaceToteToker

    Heat Nute problem, Autofems in SoHum Autopots (15L + 20L)

    The bottom of my leaves started goin yellow plant feeding on itself, i thought) n thought id put some Dr Forest Bloom2 dry amendment in (had to order if first) while waiting arrival, noticed that was yellowing from the tops down after id amended with OGL's "Reaper" pk boost. Just getting more n...
  3. P

    Is she ready to chop

    I’m debating on chopping that big cola in the middle is it time? or would it be a waste first time grower here
  4. B

    Stem gone brown

    Hey guys i had to move it out of the tent cause of space for 3 weeks and now its back in. Its at roughly 80days and preflowering. Its gone brown and had some white fungus beneath it. Soil was quite high so ive cleared beneath it. Should i cut it or can i save it. That particular stem isnt...
  5. D

    Seedlings have a droop

    Hey all thanks for the help in advance. My auto purple haze seedling has bit of a droop to it. I grew one last year same strain and seed company and don’t remember the leaves drooping at all. I have the spider farmer sf2000 at 60% intensity about 3 ft above 24hrs so far. Using cloth pots. Using...
  6. R

    Nitrogen toxicity?

    Back left corner largest one tent does it look like nitrogen toxicity?
  7. P

    What is this

    Is this from overwatering. The leaves get weird and and wrinkled kind of and the get rust colored, then die at the top. Need some help, not sure what’s going on.
  8. First grow, Thoughts and advice

    First grow, Thoughts and advice

    Pictures of my plants from today 6/11 and its been24 days since sprouted. I'm a bit concerned I feel like a few of them are kinda small for 24day old auto's. Today is the first day that I gave nutrients I used the fox farm nutrient chart and gave a little less than half what it said of grow big...
  9. JustAnotherN3rd

    SOS. What is happening??

    First time grower, and I’m attempting trying to get this guy back to his gloriousmess. Here’s some background info: Growing site: Outside Location: Richmond, VA Strain: Skywalker OG (Auto) Age: 9 weeks (63 days) Soil: Ocean Forest & Happy Frog 50/50 mix. I try to not overwater. pH of the soil...
  10. sheria

    Yellowish brown specks on leafs, spreading. Advice?

    Plant is growing strong but started to show yellowish brown spots on the tip of the bottom leafs. It's spreading inwards. They started white, progressing inwards and turn yellow then brown. The soil is Biozbizz light mix. She sprouted 8 days ago after 1 and a half day. Seed was planted in a...
  11. B

    First grower: Watering auto after end of week 2?

    Hello, Forum! Very first time grower here with a very first post and quesrion. I have been reading forums and watching videos for the past month almost constantly to educate myself. However, I am a bit confused how to proceed next. For watering I use bottled water, stabilized at pH 7 (+/- 0.5)...
  12. D

    Help with deciding on a new LED grow light!

    Hello AFN, I've finally decided to grow my own stuff and bought some really good genetics on the last 420 day sale. I've picked up my grow bags, nutes, fans and the last thing left on my to do is a grow light. In the country I'm from, grow lights are expensive as they have to be imported...
  13. theBroGro

    New Grower HELP.. Day 12, Underwatering and nuteburn? are they even worth growing anymore?

    Hey guys. So these two girls, RQS Sherbert Queen auto's on their Day 12, have been through a lot thanks to my inexperience and misunderstanding of basic fucking concepts, like watering, which I've gotten a lot better at. Still not great. EDIT #2 I am using Milwaukee CD611 Digital Conductivity...
  14. C

    Possibly over watered bruce banner??

    9 week mark of Bruce banner auto from rocket seeds. no bud formation noticed yet, idk if that’s normal for this plant or not. Growing in FFOF only recently started using some 2-8-4 1/2 strength in tap. Also started using some light cal mag. I think my soil runoff is slightly alkaline, I can get...
  15. S

    Mutant? Or super early Nanners? Should I pull it?

    RQS Sherbet Queen auto. Planted 16th Dec. Medium: Soil/perlite ph: 6.5 ppd: 205 Water around 250ml every 2 days. Temp: 24c/75f RH: 58% Light is 20inch above plants MH TS600 *checked the lux etc and seems good* Is this a mutation? Nanners? sickness? Its my first grow and I don't want it to mess...
  16. Phobos

    Grow Mediums Seedling mass genocide, need help

    Hey guys, I really need some help. If there is a badge for being a seed serial killer, please give it to me like now... It's been 2 months that I try to grow some Mephistos and something is f$cked in my process but I can't find what. I do like I've always done since +4 years but it seems that...
  17. KootenayFullyAutomatic

    Anyone use Green planet dual fuel & pro-cal with coco coir? Or can give advice?

    Hey guys, new to the forum so hopefully not crossing any lines asking this here. So, I have the entire dual fuel line up from green planet + their pro-cal for cal/mag supplement. Running canna coco in 3 gal fabric pots. I’ve had good luck running photo periods with these nutrients in Promix HP...
  18. BigBudz2020

    Week 9, copper deficiency? Worth worryimg about at this stage?

    hey guys just asking for some opinions and advice. Does the attached pic look like a copper deficiency? It's on the top growth on the leaves coming off the colas. She's 9 weeks old today I think she's got about another 3 weeks to go. Is it even worth trying to solveat this stage as I'll most...
  19. A

    Something is wrong with my girl..but what?!

    3 weeks old bubblegum autoflower. It have been growing fast and good until now. Some leaves have got yellow and brown spots. And some other leaves is white at the tip and drooping. 2 days since watering and no feeding yet. Soil with perlite, PH levels 6-7, 25-26 in temp and around 50% in...
  20. H

    New Grower Help! New to Coco.sick plant 500 ppm run off but pH 6.2 in reading at 8.0 out ?

    Hi all this is my first post My 3 auto plants are around 3 weeks from germination indoor led lights 240w growing in 3 gal fabric pots 2 are in Coco perlite on the same feed schedule 1x super skunk 1x purple punch. 1 in soil is purple punch also this is my first time using coco at all and with...