1. Blueberry Bubblegum Automatic

    Blueberry Bubblegum Automatic

    Welcome growmies to the grow of Blueberry Bubblegum Automatic. 🥰 Genetics: Gelato #41 x Sunset Sherbet Breeder: Sherbinski
  2. Fuegobud

    Indoor Blueberry Bubblegum Automatic Sensi Research/ Sherbinski's

    Hello growmies, here's my grow report of the Blueberry Bubblegum Automatic from Sensi Seeds. It's one of the new releases 2024 and a Breeding Grounds cooperation with Sherbinski's!! :worship: I started two seeds, and both came out like two clones! Genetics: Gelato #41 x Sunset Sherbet 🥰...
  3. Curranabis

    Photography Coal miners daughter F5

    #1 female Shorter height and internodal spacing darker shade of green and broader leaves. #2 female This gal is more lanky, with twice the internodal spacing of #1 and 4.5 inches taller. More of a line green color and thinner leaves. #3 male this was the more desireable male of two. He...
  4. B

    New Grower First time grow unknown Sativa

    So i started my first grow with the usual setup using coco and canna nutrients. Im at day 37 and shes tracking pretty well despite no pre-flower. Just did my final pruning in a 3 step process over the past week or so aswell as applying some lst. I know its late but seeing as theres no pre...
  5. Stretch in flower

    Stretch in flower

    I had this photoperiod in my tent for the last run, it managed to share a pot with another autoflower which went all the way through harvest. I moved it to this temporary spot with a 100w light to keep it in veg but now it's hitting the light. This thing really stretched in flower and is...
  6. ItzSticky

    Indoor Sticky Tries Coco
    Threadmarks: Coco grow

    Hey Everyone! This will be my attempt at growing in coco. I’ve grown in organic (FF HF, FF OF), and imo they’ve just been subpar grows. I struggled with overwatering, gnats, and not knowing how to properly mix nutes. Nevertheless, I stuck it out and grew some pretty decent smoke :jointman: So...
  7. Growing in custom build box - Sherbet Queen Auto

    Growing in custom build box - Sherbet Queen Auto

    I'm growing in a custom build stealth grow box. It's power efficient and silent compared to regular tent equipment. I'm using a Ikea Kallax as a base. You can read more about the box in the "Blogs description". Direct link to Box Specs Plant is growing like crazy. So here we go! Seed: RQS...
  8. Mephisto 3 Bears OG x Mango Smile (end result)

    Mephisto 3 Bears OG x Mango Smile (end result)

    This grow did not have much of a yield. I didnt weigh it but the end dry weight couldnt have been more than a half ounce between the two plants. The bud does look good and smell good, its in TerpLoc Grove Bags now curing. This has been my first autoflower grow and it was a learning experience...
  9. FAAAAAAAAIL... RQS Blue Cheese Auto - Conner B Cheese - Seedling Fail

    FAAAAAAAAIL... RQS Blue Cheese Auto - Conner B Cheese - Seedling Fail

    Winter grow, for my 4th serious attempt. Pretty much same recipe and same setup.. Tent 80x80x160cm BestVA 600 reflector 1 x 15w fan dehumidifier Biobiz Allmix + perlite + Easy Boost after transplant For this one I feel very focused and hope this will be the first real grow with an acceptable...
  10. draxcel

    Stinking whole flat Help

    Hi guys,It’s me and my silly question again.I Yesterday came to conclusion my flat where I live in Is smelling like my 2 cannabis plants.Need to buy a carbon filter and was asking this:2x2x5,5 tent,intake (100 mm USB fan),exhaust 100mm quietline vent 100m3/h(=58cfm?) Need to buy a carbon filter...
  11. ItzSticky

    New Grower Gorilla Glue Autos in a 4x4 tent. New grower. Advice welcomed.

    Hello everyone, New grower here, along with being a new member on this site. Started germinating my Gorilla Glue Auto seeds by Cropking today. Just followed their instructions for the germination process. I'll be growing them in a; 4x4 tent 6in AC infinity fan and controller 6in terrabloom...
  12. Bruce Campbell

    Indoor Army of Dankness - Bruce's Blueberries

    Bruce Campbell's Perpetual Ongoing Optimization Growathon
  13. DankMcNuggets

    New Grower Mephisto Genetics Grow

    Hey guys. Found this forum from listening to a podcast, this is my first post. Not my first rodeo, but still learning a lot. The following list is this grows set up Tent 3x3 Gorilla Grow Lighting 1 Mars Hydro TS3000 18/6 light schedule Genetics/Strain Mephisto Genetics Auto Toof Decay x3...
  14. First Grow - July 2021 Run

    First Grow - July 2021 Run

    Hey all! As the title suggests, I'm new to all things growing. Mid Atlantic region of the US, which means long hot humid summers. This post is going to be pretty picture heavy (though maybe not idk) since I'm dumping about 2 months worth so just fair warning on that. My first four beans (Purple...
  15. Got things up and running

    Got things up and running

    So I figured out my failure point was the humidity domes. I'm growing small scale in my basement (just enough for me to vape and to share with my friends) My setup, MH TS600 on 18/6 (off for peak hours here in Ontario). In an EarthBox that gets auto filled every 4 days. I also have a Wyze...
  16. mohawk warrior

    Dutch Passion Auto White Widow & Auto Cinderella Jack

    Coming soon...
  17. TheHappyClique


    This thread will be were I will now post all my growing adventures, I will also like to add my fruit/veg and potted plants if that's ok with the staff I will start the thread with the current seedlings I have everything I grow Canna will be all ways be by @Fast Buds Heather untill I complete the...
  18. F

    Indoor Auto Mazar

    This thread is for the general discussion of the blog entry Auto Mazar. Please add to the discussion here.
  19. Auto Mazar

    Auto Mazar

    Hi today is the 4th day after soaking the seeds and today it peeked out of the soil.
  20. proton

    Indoor Telos In The Eves - Chapter One

    Hi Guys I've been an on and off grower for about 16 years and a smoker for even longer. And apart from one little auto that I tossed before potting up with a bunch of photos. I've never grown an autoflower. I've moved and recently done a photo grow wedged between the rafters so I have full...