1. Intro - day 10

    Intro - day 10

    Greetings, Growmies 🤙 I Recently put my tent back up after taking the summer off & I'm definitely feeling excited. So much so, I thought I'd do a diary. I'm raising 6 plants (all from FastBuds) in 12l fabric pots. They'll live in a 1m X 1m Black Orchid tent & hangout under a MarsHydro Fc4800...
  2. Lil Dab

    Sawney Bean Grow Shows 2023 Lil Dab's Sawney's Beans

    As some of you may have seen I got some presents from an outstanding person @Sawney_bean Thank you so much :thanks: :worship: This will be where I share all my work of his.. I started by germinating 2 seeds I'd love to run them all at once but don't have the space.. Dropped a Bronson and a White...
  3. Lil Dab

    Seed Stockers Triton Biscotto Lime

    Alright folks time for a new thread got some new seeds from @Seedstockers-Mark :woohoo::thanks::toke: So figured I better get one wet dropped a Triton Biscotto Lime in a seed soak (kelp, humic, and Yucca) for 3 hr then into some Coast of Maine Sprout island seed starter mix.. I'll transplant...
  4. NORBY

    MarsHydro Light Shows 2023 Marshydro Grow Using the TS-1000 & TSW-2000 grow lights together in a [2x4 Space]
    Threadmarks: New grow New thread

    My next Grow has started so I've started a new thread :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: :weed: EQUIPMENT Mars Hydro TS1000 150W Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Grow Light MARSHYDRO TSW 2000...
  5. PotDaddy

    Indoor PotDaddy's Mixed Bag of Auto's

    Starting a new thread for my New grow! It's going to be a Mixed bag of Auto's with a Photo project running in the background. First up are 2- Twenty20 Mendocino seeds from @Twenty20 Adam They are either AutoWreck or KnowsCandy. I am a idiot and I didn't mark the cup. What I expect is they will...
  6. Lil Dab

    Indoor Dale's 3x3 with marshydro FC-3000
    Threadmarks: Germination

    Alrighty then folks just finished up my first run with the FC-3000 and I loved it so why not do it again:headbang:.... Cleaned and sanitized tent, light, fans, irrigation system, and got everything ready to go yesterday:shooty:... Got everything put back together and dropped beans in seed soak...
  7. NORBY

    MarsHydro Light Shows 2023 MARSHYDRO TSW2000 grow with Sawneys beans.
    Threadmarks: New grow & New thread

    Marshydro tsw2000 Grow I'm currently using the Marshydro tsw2000 that I was kindly offered by @Marshydro This will be my 3rd grow using this light with no complaints what so ever. I think its an awesome light Thanks again @Marshydro EQUIPMENT MARSHYDRO TSW 2000 LED Grow Light Dimmable...
  8. MARSHYDRO TSW2000  (Review)

    MARSHYDRO TSW2000 (Review)

    I was asked to test out this light in my underground growbox by Marshydro. [I accepted the very generous offer off course and less than 10 days later it arrived.. Neatly & discreetly packaged. I have just finished my second grow using this light & I am about to start my 3rd now very soon. It...
  9. Lil Dab

    Indoor Dale's 3x3 with a marshydro FC-3000 and Twenty20

    Alright ladies and gents we got a new light from @Marshydro FC-3000 :woohoo1:gonna give it a review:pass: I already have 2 Twenty20 Ogreberries in the 3x3 now so we can put the light right to work:cooldance: but in a couple weeks when space is available I will move them into the bigger tent and...
  10. Jhouse09

    Indoor 3rd Grow - Star Dawg, Auto Skunk, Cream Cookies & Green Crack

    Starting off my third grow this evening. Just got done with our second and just waiting on a few to dry for final harvest #'s. Heres a link for our first grow starting off at day 44 and just ended yesterday...
  11. Jhouse09

    New Grower 1st grow - Photo Dump

    Here's a photo album of our first grow November through January. Sour Diesl, Skunk and OG Kush. Went through many trials and tribulations. You can see our second and current grow here:
  12. Jhouse09

    Indoor Second Grow - Blue Dream, Cream Cookies and Green Crack Auto's

    This is our second Grow on day 44 using the following equipment. - 3 - MARS HYDRO TS 3000 FULL SPECTRUM 450W MEANWELL DIRVER LED GROW LIGHT. - Autopot 12 pot system w/60 Gallon flexitank 2.2gal pots (have 3.9 for the next round) - 80gph submersible pump in tank - Cloudline T6 by AC Infinity...
  13. Farmer.Jon

    Gnome Automatics Anvil grow

    Today is day # 2 for my ANVIL grow. Im running the following: MarsHydro 2.3 tent. Marshydro TS1000 light. Stonington blend soil, organic plant food. Earth Dust, base and bloom Dr. Verms worm castings TRU organic seabird Guano. The anvils sister didn’t pop, 50% germ rate so far, see what...
  14. DankMcNuggets

    New Grower Mephisto Genetics Grow

    Hey guys. Found this forum from listening to a podcast, this is my first post. Not my first rodeo, but still learning a lot. The following list is this grows set up Tent 3x3 Gorilla Grow Lighting 1 Mars Hydro TS3000 18/6 light schedule Genetics/Strain Mephisto Genetics Auto Toof Decay x3...
  15. The Dalai Farmer

    Seed Stockers Seedstockers Gelato 41 (solo cup challenge)

    Hi all and :welcome: to my Seedstockers Solo Cup Challenge. The plan is to grow 3 of the Gelato 41 (auto) and pick the best (or least bad :rofl:) nearer the time. I have started one already and she stuck her head out for the first time today :woohoo1: The other 2 are in glasses of water...
  16. Grimmus

    Growing For Broke

    4 Mars hydro ts1000s & 1 generic 150 watt 1 growcraft x6 600watt 2 1000 cfm outtake fans 1 450 cfm intake 16 five gallon smart pots Bottom 40% is ocean Forrest Top 60% is happy frog Advanced nutrients ph perfect base & cal/mag this should be a good one. I’ve got my room dialed in and tracked...
  17. Cash crop autoflower marshydro ts600

    Completed Cash crop autoflower marshydro ts600

    Ok and welcome to my grow, I will be growing in a 40x40x120cm grow tent with a 4inch carbon filter exsauast A marshydro ts600 Growing medium will be Coco coir that I have buffed with calmag, , This grow is three weeks In, and the improvement with the light and maybe good quality seeds is better...
  18. indicalla

    My First Grow, Starting with Setup

    Hi, AFN community! I thought I’d start my first-grow post (and my first post ever here) at the very beginning, when I’m putting together my setup. I originally thought I wanted the convenience and discretion of an all-in-one cabinet to grow one auto at a time, so I had $1,750 budgeted. I’ve...
  19. The Dalai Farmer

    Mars Hydro Cup (TSW 2000)

    Hi all and :welcome: The current grow going on is my 2nd using the Magnificent Mars TSW 2000 and is 6 plants, 4 Photoperiod and 2 Autos. 1 x FastBuds Gelato 1 x Dinafem Blue Amnesia xxl, Auto. 1 x Seedstockers Gelato 41, Photo. 1 x SSSC Super Mad Sky Floater, Photo. 1 SSSC Pineapple Poison...
  20. G

    Quantum Board led's

    Hi guys, I'm currently thinking of upgrading from my ViparSpectra 450W LED's and would welcome some advice. I have a 1Mx1Mx2M tent and want to get a single light that will adequately cover the tent both veg and bloom. Price is an issue, and I'm currently looking at the MarsHydro TS-1000 @£200...