medical autos

  1. TGN

    Suggestions for high Indica (90%) and high THC (20-25%+) auto strain for use in RSO/FECO?

    New to growing, and looking to grow for medicinal reasons (cancer) for another person. I'll be making high concentration RSO/FECO. I am setting up my grow space now, and will have either a 3x3 or 4x4 indoor tent. Hoping to grow 3-4 plants in 3gal pots. Since I'm new to growing I will most likely...
  2. jloor

    Best strains for anxiety?

    Hi AFN comunnity, im trying to replace paroxetine and fluoxetine for cannabis , i have mixed anxiety disorder. Im from chile and here we have acces to Fastbuds, Barneys farms, Dinafem, sensiseed, greenhouseseeds, etc almost every european seedbank. So i come here looking for some help, what...
  3. Johndowson89

    The godfather of thc

    I recently came across this documentery when researching about how i could produce rso oil and if it would work for someone i know who has cancer. Its about Raphael Mechoulam and when he first discovered and isolated thc which led to endocannabanoids that are narurally in our body and how all...
  4. Mossy

    NEWS Help Needed

    Any members in the Legal States section Interested in giving us a bit of Help..? We'd Love to expand this section with a newly legal #cannabiz directory and a #cannabiz jobs work-shops but we need Help to do that. Anyone Interested..please shout up...:headbang: If any member is Visiting...
  5. Mossy

    Coming Soon to AFN

    Watch this space...:frog:
  6. South Syder

    Dragon Meds BlackStone Fems!

    Howdy, Popped three BlackStone fems I got free with my last Autoflowerportal order and though I know roughly what to expect, I'm still hoping for a strong result. Got 'em in my usual perlite wick method till they get some size and put down roots. EC is already at 1.0 and pH at 6.3 and here's to...
  7. Mossy

    Dragon Meds How I Tamed my Dragon. yodas Dragons Breath

    3 x yodas Dragons Breath Feminised seed. 1 x 25 ltr square pot. Universal Potting compost. Outdoor grown. Put in the soil end of May. Germed 4th June. Harvested 6th August. Germ to Harvest 63 days. Natural Light pattern. Max 14 hours per day. Natural shadow time. All 3 germed. All...
  8. Peteey010

    Dragon Meds Pete's Dragons

    I have been gifted some dragons and feel very blessed. I've been doing lots of research and have decided to start with some Stone Dragons to dip my toe in the water so to speak. I also have some Blackberry Stone and Purple Tomb Stone to try. I'll be growing four of each at any one time if that...
  9. mephisto

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto records, strain results and tips!

    Hey guys, just thought we could start a collaborative thread. a simple format, strain, grow method, size/height, yield, harvest day, any hints or tips, and general impression of your Mephisto grow. would be nice to keep track and interpret this data, it's really valuable for us and others to...
  10. Duggy

    Dragon Meds Duggys Dragons

    Tent and equipment have been cleaned in preparation for the arrival of some Dragon Eggs. Set up as follows. DR 60 tent 250 w dual spec hps Autopot with 2 x 15 L pots with airdomes Coco / perlite mix 4 inch extraction & carbon filter Atami Rootbastic, Ionic coco veg nutes, Dutch Pro coco bloom...
  11. Mossy

    Live Stoners Sanctuary

    Welcome to the Home of AF's in the Year of the Black Dragon......:cool: May the Great Ganja Goddess look down on all our heads and Bless our Efforts in the quest for Legalisation of our Glorious Herb. For Medicine for Pleasure...Genetics to Treasure..