1. Maelasae

    Live Stoners New to the forum!

    Happy to get acquainted, what is this place? What's the vibe? Is this a live chat-based forum? This one was hard to find-- is the logo mushrooms?? A crown? A crown of mushrooms? I like it.
  2. L

    Organic growing in 3 gallon Fabric pots

    I have a question? New to organic growing. And I'm kind of confused about top dressing. I am running 4 autos 2 mephisto forum stomper and 2 strawberry nuggets. They are still in seedling bags. This weekend they will be ready for transplant into the 3 gallon Fabric pots. The tent is currents a...
  3. P

    Is she ready to chop

    I’m debating on chopping that big cola in the middle is it time? or would it be a waste first time grower here
  4. Lowryder Day 19

    Lowryder Day 19

    It’s a girl! my fim was unsecsesful, probably a good thing. Started lst 2 days ago. gave it a watering with kelp extract and molasses then let it suck back into pot. Starting to noticeably grow very well now.
  5. L

    Please help!

    Hi, I'm now on my second grow and I'm having some trouble with one of my babies, she's a northern light. Also have a couple marks I don't know what they are on my sour diesel but don't seem to be affecting her much, the NL on the other hand seems to go really droopy but will pick herself up but...
  6. SneakyReefer

    Harvest & Curing Can I go for it? White widow first time growo

    I started these auto white widow the beginning of Dec., they’re still not showing much amber... Is it time to pull the plug and just go for it? I wanted to go for a little more sedative... The last three of the full plants are from a couple nights ago. This is my first grow, so go easy on me...
  7. L

    World Wide Please help a newbie in organic soil

    Ok so this is my first time running in soil I wanted to compare it to dwc to see which one is easier for me to grow.Heard soil was easier to run but I am having alot of problems. I am running roots organic roots nutrients with bio bizz light mix. And I also mixed some down to earth organic fish...
  8. K

    New grower - Nuc Burn?

    I just notice this starting on the tips at the top of the plant last week . I’ve only too dressed once 12days ago with 4-4-4 dry . Any thought or big concerns
  9. G

    First timer trying to learn,

    Hi all, As the title implys i am a first timer and looking to learn from mistakes. My first auto lady seems to not be doing to well and I'm looking for advice on how to avoid a misshap like this again form below for info and a quick pic for identification. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  10. IMG_20210214_124451.jpg


    White widow and Jack herer both autos grown in Coco and canna nuitriants
  11. Minime2020

    Girls gone wild

    Well 5 half weeks and all of a sudden my girls have really started to really get going Thanks for the advice every one, Any thoughts on Wen to add pk? And thoughts so far
  12. Minime2020


    Hi just thought I would ask wat everyone thinks so far, My auto jack has got a couple yellow spots, but the white widow is clean, IV checked for bugs and all clean, Could this be the start of a nute deficiency? Or maybe from water of the leaf,
  13. Salts First Grow - 10 Six Shooters by 420fastbuds 2 Sour Stompers by Mephisto

    Salts First Grow - 10 Six Shooters by 420fastbuds 2 Sour Stompers by Mephisto

    :yoinks: What The Shit am I Doing!? :yoinks: "Use your brain Salty!" :welcome: Hello I go by the name salty, why u might ask really ain't gotta clue was one of my old Xbox/PlayStation gaming names and I'm sticking with it. Today I'm going to be popping the growing cherry like virgin Mary! Sit...
  14. Dreminem169

    Is this a bad sign?

    Day 27 of passion punch v1.2 the pistils are brown only on one of my pp. Does this mean it was somehow pollinated? This is also happening with my Purple bastard eater, but the rest are ok
  15. Mr Chewbaca Himself

    New AF grower

    Have a few week old Canna Cheese AF. I have decided not to LST or top the plants, as I normally would. This is my first AF grow and there's still so much to learn. My question is about defoliation? Do AF's tolerate removal of lower fan leaves to get more light down deep? Thankee big-big
  16. growingmicro

    New Grower TWG Mark3 - The Wardrobe Growspace Project

    Hi yall, will be posting here photos of my grow space and my grows. Kind of a journal. any advice or tip are super welcome. Just added the reflector for the light.
  17. E

    Newbie needs help - Damaged Leaves

    I'm brand new and this is my first grow. Autoflower - Train Wreck. I germinated seed on 09-01-20. Radicle emerged on 09-03-20 and planted that same day using Foxfarm Happy Frog Potting Soil in a 2 gallon bag). It sprouted the very next day on 09-04-20 and the seed coat was stuck on one of the...
  18. L

    Noob Grower, a few questions which I need answered Plz.

    Hello lads, I have never grown anything in my life before and I decided to start my new hobby of growing with an indoor cannabis grow tent. I have a .8m X .8m X 1.6m grow tent. 600W LED 2 - 15 Litre Pots Nutrients: GHE Flora Grow / Bloom / Micro + CalMag and PHup/down Seeds I am deciding...
  19. B

    Watering schedule

    Hello folks I found this watering schedule online I’m using an organic amended soil, would this be a good watering schedule? She’s about a week old now, so I’d say early vegetative still. I’m using the 5 gallon smart pots but with only 4 gallons of soil in each (underestimated how far the soil...
  20. Gelato auto by fast buds. Grow #1

    Gelato auto by fast buds. Grow #1

    The seed is In. :woohoo: This is an organic grow. Hopefully no nutrients needed but I do have some fish poo if needed :crying: Humidity 58% Temp 73 Ph water 6.8 24 hr 600w Led. Day 4 Day 5 End week 5: Concerned about nutrient level still but otherwise I think she's doing well. I'm hoping...