1. FarmerJake

    Making Root Beer Float x Chronic Ryder
    Threadmarks: Germination

    Goal: Take Root Beer Float feminized seeds and work them into a Regular strain that accurately represents RBF Plan: Use Chronic Ryder as a pollen donor for crossing with Root Beer Float s2’s to make my F1’s. Cross a male from the F1 generation back onto a feminized Root Beer Float. And keep...
  2. Son of Hobbes

    Nutrients Pesticides - WTF are you Spraying?

    I figured I needed a thread with a catchy title! I have a guide/tutorial I've been working on that talks about pesticide use in cannabis gardening, and I was just curious what you all are using for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in your garden (or if that's too fancy phrased, "what are you...
  3. Day 14+ update & topping

    Day 14+ update & topping

    I call it day "14+" because it's been 14 days since the last of the 6 seeds popped & fully dug her way out of the soil. So in fact, most of the plants are 1-3 days past the 2 week mark. This last week they've drank roughy 1.5L each with the following inputs (ml per L) Root juice 3ml...
  4. Intro - day 10

    Intro - day 10

    Greetings, Growmies 🤙 I Recently put my tent back up after taking the summer off & I'm definitely feeling excited. So much so, I thought I'd do a diary. I'm raising 6 plants (all from FastBuds) in 12l fabric pots. They'll live in a 1m X 1m Black Orchid tent & hangout under a MarsHydro Fc4800...
  5. pop22

    Lighting Indoor 4x4 Raised bed Under the Scorpion Diablo

    Well, now that I'm back on my feet I'm redoing the open area of the growroom I just assembled and dropped a Grassroots 4x4 raised bed under my Scorpion Diablo lamp. I've started filling it with old rootballs, recycled soil and a 3 CuFt bag of fresh potting mix. I'll be adding some Epsoma...
  6. Making Soils Better

    Making Soils Better

    ABOUT US Reliable Experience Establish in 1982 as synthetic fertilizer company. In 1995 merged with an Organics company to create Plant Life Fertilizers. In 2020 we sold our synthetic division and renamed to Making Soils Better. With 150 years of combined soil and plant botanist. We provide...
  7. L

    Organic growing in 3 gallon Fabric pots

    I have a question? New to organic growing. And I'm kind of confused about top dressing. I am running 4 autos 2 mephisto forum stomper and 2 strawberry nuggets. They are still in seedling bags. This weekend they will be ready for transplant into the 3 gallon Fabric pots. The tent is currents a...
  8. R Wayne

    Indoor R Wayne's Can't Stop Wont Stop Grow

    So I now have 3 grows under my belt, 1 soil/bottled nute grow and 2 organic "living soil" grows. This time I will be trying something new. A light soil with Grow Dots and Recharge in Rain Science Bags. Big thanks to @Dankerson for keeping a thorough journal and answering my questions. I will be...
  9. P

    Good organic soil? Recommendations…

    Hi all, I was hoping some of you could provide your recommendations on which organic soil I should order for my grow. I’ve used Gaia Green living soil before, but I can no longer order it on Amazon for whatever reason, and so far the only place I’ve found it was in Canada (nightmare to get -...
  10. BioTabs


    Hey Friends, As most of you already know I've been using BioTabs for a while now and must say it's a great nutrient line! Especially for people who can't get about that well as all the "hard work" will be done at the start of the grow. Afterwards you only give your plants plain unadulterated...
  11. N

    Indoor NA’s grow journal

    Hey everyone. This will be my first post on AFN but I’m no stranger to autos or growing in general, I’m just looking to interact with some more like-minded people! Living soil is the route I chose and I’ve been having great success with it but there’s always room learning and improvement. I run...
  12. K9 Funk Auto Fem by Treesinger Genetics

    K9 Funk Auto Fem by Treesinger Genetics

    wassup guys its our first blog ever and we're super excited about it. we got the K9 Funk auto fem seeds from @Old Sage Seeds . we've grown out multiple strains from @Treesinger and they've all been fire. the K9 Funk is Roc-Dawg Funk by Roc Bud Inc pollinated by Fast Buds Original Chem Dawg Auto...
  13. Mephisto, Pink Panama

    Mephisto, Pink Panama

    Mephisto, Pink Panama Day 27
  14. Original Chemdawg

    Original Chemdawg

    Fastbuds, Original Chemdawg Day 68, 5-7%+ Amber. End of Cycle.
  15. Blue Microverse F5

    Blue Microverse F5

    Blue Microverse F5 Day 69
  16. M

    Wedding Glue / Blueberry Auto - Diagnosis

    Hi All, new member here have some trouble diagnosing/fixing issues with both of my plants 2 autos. -Problem: On WG i have rust spots which were noticed during first weeks of flowering, no signs of deficiency were observed during vegetative phase. On the other hand Blueberry is experiencing...
  17. Sour Crack

    Sour Crack

    Mephisto, Sour Crack Day 68, end of cycle.
  18. Sour Crack

    Sour Crack

    Mephisto, Sour Crack Day 67
  19. Blue Microverse F5

    Blue Microverse F5

    Night Owl Seeds, Blue Microverse F5 Day 65
  20. Sour Crack

    Sour Crack

    Mephisto, Sour Crack Day 65