1. gruglegm

    PH goes up fast DWC

    Hello growers, I'm starting my first experience with hydro(DWC) and my PH is making me discouraged. I've already done 2 complete cleanings and a complete water change, and my PH goes back up even after regulating with PH Down (Biobizz). My setup: 1 - Water pump 1 - Air pump 1 - Heat Mat...
  2. K

    Preparing germination water! about ec levels.

    Hi there! Four months ago I planted my first autoflower seeds (Hindukush). My conditions very relatively poor but somehow I managed to get a good harvest and it motivated me for a second one, a better one. In the first grow I experienced a very slow growth and nitrogen toxicity with shiny green...
  3. A

    Molasses Fermentation

    I found that my Bloom Nute mix with Molasses went from 6.5 pH to 4.4 pH in one day. It took over 200 pH Up drops/Gallon to restore. This must be fermentation and fermentation creates alcohol. Could this be bad?? Should Moly be added just before feeding??? Thoughts?
  4. 420EVANSTON

    What is happening?!

    What is causing this on my Zkettles Berry Blast. Ph or nutrient deficiency? Last week I awoke and found one of my babies not doing too well. Brown spots developed overnight. Then again days later on a new set of leaves. – tap water pH at 6 – water when dry a couple inches – Spider Farm SF-2000...
  5. DevilDog_0651

    Does Feed / Runoff pH matter in soil?

    I have been under the impression that your feed pH as well as runoff pH is one of the most important pieces to do correctly. I have read that if your pH is not in the correct range for your medium, uptake of certain nutrients will fail. I saw a post on a forum that said your feed and runoff pH...
  6. Animatey

    Grow Mediums pH pen calibration: How many points do you use?

    I've been doing 2 point calibration for a while. 7 and 4, but it's never quite accurate. When I calibrate at 7 then 4, I notice the very next time I measure 4.0 calibration solution that the meter tells me it's 4.1. The meter also takes a long time to get a consistent reading at 4. I'm...
  7. Tracer Productions

    Indoor Real Lemon Juice as pH Down?

    My plant seems to be having pH issues after I stupidly applied humic acids with a pH of 9.0 without balancing it out first. The leaves are developing orange spots in some places, paleness in other places, tip burn on the tips & are generally unhealthy looking (though the buds are super...
  8. GirthWindAndFire

    New Grower First Time - Royal Dwarf / White Widow Auto (Dinafem)

    Hey guys, These are 25 days old. White Widow is in the center with the other 2 being Dwarves. Would love to know what you think, especially about what's up with the girl on the left. I'm assuming it's pH related as I had my meter arrive today and it read the pH as 7.5, I've used white...
  9. D

    Grow Mediums confused about ph for sunshine mix #4

    Howdy, I am currently using Sunshine mix #4 and plan on using BMO liquid ferts . I'm not sure what to ph my water to...? Sunshine recommends: What pH do I want in my indoor growing situation? What is the recommended pH of runoff? Our Sunshine® Advanced #4 is formulated to stabilize at pH range...
  10. WeedNoob

    Grow Mediums Watering plants using arduino :)

    Hey everybody, I'm about to get started an arduino project that should make eve thing automatic. I will start from the watering system. As soon as I will get eve thing sorted I will share all the details with you guys of course :) My biggest problem at the moment is to figure out what are the...
  11. WeedNoob

    Grow Mediums Best soil for Autoflower

    Hi everybody, i'm a newbie, and i'm trying to figure out what's the best soil for autos. First of all I have to say that I won't use any artificial light, they will be exposed to day light but in indoor envoirment. After some research it seems clear few important points about choosing the soil...
  12. Dhante420

    Start of a Calcium Deficiency?

    Problem: Rusted leaf spotting, brown markings Medium/grow method: Soil (BioBizz) & Organic nutrients Feed: and supplements used: Bio Bizz Grow, Bloom & Alg a Mic + Epsom Salts & Black Strap Mollases (Unsulphered) water source: Tap Water, left standing with an airstone in for at least 24hours...
  13. J

    Ph water going into soil??

    Hey all, Can soil growers please tell me if you ph your water or not? I've been using ph down haven't fed yet and my run off was ph from the tap is around 7.3 and when left for 24-48hours it goes up is that right? Biobizz light mix soil. 600hps light 1.2x1.2x2m tent. Growing 6 autos...
  14. Kels59

    New Grower Testing with CWP pH8 soil meter - what do I need to know?

    Oh wise AFN canna gurus, I need some enlightenment. I just got my CWP pH8 soil meter. I have started testing soil in 3 of our girls so far (have a few more to test) about mid way down and all the way down and in 3-4 different locations in their airpots. We grow in FF Ocean Forest which is said...
  15. iWumbo

    Do these look healthy

    Problem: Twisted looking leafs on seedlings and yellowing tips on older growth of clone Medium/grow method: fox farms ocean forest for the seedlings and some 99 cent store soil for the clone Feed: and supplements used: no feed or nutes used water source: bottled r-o water which i think has ph...
  16. Debbie Chronicle

    Nute deficiency?

    Hey guys! I got so much help on my last post I really wanted to try this one out too. So my auto (blue mystic) is 20 days old today :)headbang: ) and my first set of serrated leaves are pretty much dead from normal causes, but there's a spot on this newer leaf that I'm trying to figure out...
  17. CoviklaFlaire

    Plant metabolism ? stupid question..

    Hy guys first I have to say i was never botanic guy, Im more animals/pet guy, And I was never dreaming of becoming grower (from hustler to grower lol!) , but now that I am i got one question, I try to google it but no success..My question is , how long it takes for plant to consume nutrients...
  18. stillSmokin420

    New Grower Help with Watering

    im gonna be growing in soil airpots i hear people telling me dont worry about the ph... do they mean ph of the soil or ph of the water.... im gonna use tap water i was gonna fill a res full of water let it sit with airstones in it and feed it to plants... am i right or wrong?
  19. A4

    Old Reviews MYTH: Water pH Relates to Medium pH

    The pH is a measurement of the hydrogen ions (H+) and the hydroxide ions (OH-) in a solution such as water. The range of pH is from ‘0’ (very acidic: the concentration of H+ ions is higher than the concentration of OH-) to ‘14’ (very basic: the concentration of OH- ions is higher than the...
  20. FirstTimeG-row

    Indoor royal dwarf brown patch on leafs HELP!!!!!

    Hi I have recently started a small plant and it is curently suffering from what I can only guess is a deficiency of some sort. Their is a brown patch on one of the cyldone leafs and they are curling down towards the soil also their might be a slight changing of the green colour of the leafs I...