1. Foxhunter

    New Grower Suggestions is everything looking ok

    The two big ones are Hindu Kush 23 days old and the smaller ones are sour crack 16 days old,, first time here just looking for experienced people's opinions thanks keep token
  2. stepside

    Harvest & Curing Cvault testing and review stepside

    This is a test and review of Cvault curing and storage containers. Thanks Cvault, @briman and AFN. I didn't have a crop close to done but I'll still put them to use.. Here's a stoner attempt at an unboxing video for you guys..
  3. Mossy

    Live Stoners #AutoWarriors Team Trophy cabinet 2017

  4. stepside

    Indoor Blackdog Phytomax 1000

    I was given the chance to test this light for AFN'DOM and Blackdog LED normally I just take a few pics but my brother @dtrud0h helped me out big time with an unboxing video.
  5. Rebel

    Live Stoners [ARCHIVE] Old Live Stoners Gossip (up to Feb 2017)

    Oh yeah!! It is indeed!! I got the 151 already!!
  6. dtrud0h

    New Grower dtrud0h's FIRSTGROW!!-2xMars Hydro 300-3x Dragon / Bender ?? some DIY and whatever else comes along.

    Hey all, Been lurking here for a while, been looking over @stepside 's shoulder for a decade or so, so I figured what the hell. I picked up a Lighthouse Hydroponics 2'x4'x7' (84") tent, two old style Mars Hydro 300 watt LED's, made a DIY carbon filter and dropped 3 of @stepside 's bastard...
  7. Son of Hobbes

    Lighting Welcome Black Dog LED - Live Testing Beginning

    We'd like to formally welcome @Black Dog LED ( for joining the Autoflower Network's Live Vendor Program! Black Dog has generously donated the biggest panel they currently offer, their PhytoMax 1000, and we're putting it in the hands of one of our fantastic testers...
  8. Discretepete2676

    Indoor Elite garden nutrients

    Well the time is finally here guys.... We've got an awesome newly patented product to be tested right here in front of the whole community.... So first let's all give a warm welcome to Joe from elite nutrients who will be our on-site rep and who pulled the strings to make all this possible for...
  9. Son of Hobbes

    Nutrients Welcome Remo Nutrients

    AFN is pleased to welcome Remo Nutrients for our Live Vendor Program trial and product testing! They have generously donated enough sample nutrient kits for five of our CannaZone Test Group testers to use them for the full 6 month duration of the trial, so we should get two documented grow...
  10. budelee

    Nutrients Official Optic Foliar Cannazone Test Thread

    Welcome to another great Cannazone test Sponsored by :worship:Dinesh and Optic Foliar:worship: :welcome:First we Start with a Giant Thank You to Dinesh for sponsoring this test. Optic Foliar has graciously given the test team a Huge supply of their products to put on the hot seat, and I'm sure...
  11. Son of Hobbes

    Indoor Meet the Kind LED Testing Team!

    Hey guys, we're just starting to get the wheels in motion here for the Kind LED Grow Lights Live Vendor trial! We have two testers from our CannaZone Testing Group, @Rebel and @stepside , so let's give these fellas a big hand for testing and a thank you to Kind LED for giving us the opportunity...
  12. phlemthrower

    Indoor Phlems first log.

    Hi, This is my first log of a grow. It's taken me a while to find where to post a grow on here. I hope I have found the right place. lol. The girls I'm logging are now 10 days after popping up above ground. I planted a RQS royal dwarf and a royal critical. 1 night in pH 6 rain water in...
  13. Waximus

    Bomb Seeds The AFN CannaZone Bomb Seeds Test Thread!!!

    Greetings to Members, Guests, and all manor of dedicated Cannabis Devotees! :worship: And, a Top Shelf Welcome to our new sponsor, Bomb Seeds!!:welcome: THIS is what you've been waiting for! The AFN CannaZone Test Team has been honored to do grow tests of Bomb Seeds' most intriguing seed...
  14. GoAuto6

    Dinafem head to head!!! Group of "12" grow off !! with 3 of their larger strains!!

    "The Crazy Nine's Grow Thread" The boy's down in Dina town at it again with the sponsorship of a 9 way head to head battle.. Dinafem Blue Kush Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Dinafem Blue Kush Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Specs Genetics Blueberry Auto x OG Kush Auto Type 50% Indica / 50%...
  15. derek420colorado

    Mephisto Genetics Epic 4 Way Grow Battle Royale HBBSS Style!!! 4way grow off

    Ladies and gentleman letttttts get readddddy to RUMMMBLLLLE! Folks we have an amateur grow battle extravaganza on our hands here. This is going to be for HBBSS bragging rights and the ability to talk smack for evvvvver. The contestants are as follows @Yeatster @Fairlynew @stepside and...
  16. briman


    Greetings AFN! This thread is for you to get to know your Kindsoil test team. I would like to introduce you to... @Anthropolis @Bromeo @Eyes on Fire @Grim Reefer @pop22 @Pops @Ripper @sniper @Son of Hobbes @stepside @Waira We have a great, diverse group of proven, professional growers here and...
  17. stepside

    YDB Heavy16 vs. Miracle Gro tomato food

    7/27 two YDB's broke ground. 5gal airpots filled with promix bx and coast of Maine Stonington blend mixed 50/50. Been watering with well water ph'd to 6.5 with 1 ml heavy 16 roots. This is where the experiment begins....... I'll be feeding plant A Heavy 16 nutrients and plant B will get Miracle...