1. MedCzech

    Indoor MedCzech’s ManCave “Back to the USA” 2022

    Well folks…I’m back in the forum and ready for a new grow. Haven’t grown anything since 2019 Really can’t wait to connect to so many of you on here. Getting the new room set now… its a start … Lots to do ‼️
  2. Jdb66

    New Grower Did I not do this right...have no replys for helpWW autoflower day 74 leaf issue in autopot

    Problem: brown spots + Medium/grow method: Coco coir 70/30, autopot smart pot xl (fabric) Feed: and supplements used: GH trio MGB as of flush on 9-17 2 ml camg / 2 ml micro/ 0 gro/ 4 ml bloom / 2 ml liquid kool bloom ph 6.0 ec 934 water source: RO Strain/age: White Widow auto/ 74 days light...
  3. Bliciu86

    Grow Mediums Nut burn autopot how long water feed

    Hi everyone I'm burn my plants a bit with advanced nutrients micro bloom grow at ec 1.8-2.0 now my question is for how long need run res on ph water ? When it's pure ph water ec 0.0 from res in the autopot water have ec 0.4-0.6 ph 6.2 it's that means I need wait till my autopot water gonna be at...
  4. Foxhunter

    New Grower Suggestions is everything looking ok

    The two big ones are Hindu Kush 23 days old and the smaller ones are sour crack 16 days old,, first time here just looking for experienced people's opinions thanks keep token
  5. Jackson

    Harvest & Curing Sour Crack- day 58

    Hello All- Please take a look at my lady and provide your thoughts as today marks 58 days from sprout. Took my last one down at 58 days and thinking I should wait til Saturday as she will be 63 days. Jackson
  6. SirGreen

    Leaves among Buds!!!

    Hi everybody I'm running toward the end of another cycle. I'm actually at day 69 and just started a week of flush. Watching at my ladies today, i,ve noticed that one of em is showing really many many leaves...also amond the calyxes. I've read somewhere about revegging processes and stuff so i...
  7. SirGreen

    New Growth Issue!

    Hi everyone I'm currently growing 7 DP AGOGs under a 600w hps bulb in a soil-coco mix. Temps are 28 celsius and RH is really dry where I live in this period: 30%. The plants are 13 days old and i'm feeding em with flora micro, flora grow and calimagic from GH.
  8. Jackson

    Live Stoners Sour Crack-Day 54

    Hello All Attached are pics from my baby girl. Buds are frosty and getting fat! When I say 54 days, that is from sprout so it's 59 days from seed. I'm thinking about chopping her Monday. By looking at her pics do you think that's about right or cut her now or wait? This is the best grow I've...
  9. Jackson

    Live Stoners Sour Crack and chemdogging- Day 17

    Good Morning Folks Here are pics of both ladies at Day 17. The one on the left is sour crack and the other is chemdogging. What a difference in strain. Looks like the sour crack is starting to flower. Thoughts are appreciated. Jackson
  10. Jackson

    Live Stoners Sour Crack and Chemdogging- Day 15

    Good Morning All Please see the attached pics of my girls and let me know what you think. Soil- roots organic mixed with GBD soil in bottom half. Pots-5 gallon Lights- solar flare 220 Water- distilled They both appear to be doing well. Sour Crack is the smaller of the 2. Not sure why...
  11. Jackson

    Live Stoners Sour Crack c Walter White Auto

    Hello All- Anyone ever hear about this strain from Mephisto? Trying to research it and found nothing. Jackson
  12. Jackson

    New Grower Ask Auto- Harvest Tine

    Howdy Everyone PC crashed so it's been awhile. So after 73 days I chopped her down. She is now dried and in jars curing. Thank to all of you.She gave me 18 grams of sweet smelling bud that I can't taste yet because of a possible drug test. Been 6 weeks so I should be ok. Will check this...
  13. Jackson

    Live Stoners Day 65-AUTO AK

    Good Morning All- Take a look at my lady who I feel is nearing the end of her life for my pleasure. Only been giving her distilled water last week and will now give her tap water left out for a day or so. Does she look close to chop time? Jackson
  14. Jackson

    Auto AK-Day 44

    Hello All- Noticed this brown rust looking spot and was wondering if there is an issue. She is planted in Roots Organic top layer and bottom layer is gbd soil from Mephisto mixed with Roots Organic. Only been giving her distilled water with cal/mag. Recently upped the cal/mag from 1 teaspoon...
  15. Jackson

    Live Stoners AK Auto - 4th Grow Attempt

    Good Morning Everyone. My plant is on her 30th day of growth and I feel she is doing well. She is planted in Roots Organic mixed with GBD soil on the bottom half and straight Roots soil on the top half. Soil - Roots Organic mixed with GBD soil. Lights - 4 100watt CFL`s Water - Distilled Nutes...
  16. Jackson

    New Grower Auto AK - Day 10

    Sorry- i hit the wrong key. Just waking up and only my first cup of coffee. This afternoon I will transplant her in her final pot with GBD soil mix with Roots Organic soil and the top half with Roots Organic soil only. Not sure if I should add perlite or leave be. I think I should add perlite...
  17. Jackson

    New Grower AK Auto - Day 7

    Good Morning All- Here is my AK Auto at Day 7. She is already looking better than my last grow in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Will transplant her next Saturday in her final containier. Thoughts anyone? Jackson
  18. Jackson

    New Grower AK Auto-New Grow

    Good Morning All- Rains have finally stopped in Texas. We have been getting enormous amounts of rain in the last 2 months so this is really nice. Beautiful sunshine makes me want to grow:) Anyway, here is my AK auto at Day 3. So far so good. Thanks
  19. briman


    Greetings AFN! This thread is for you to get to know your Kindsoil test team. I would like to introduce you to... @Anthropolis @Bromeo @Eyes on Fire @Grim Reefer @pop22 @Pops @Ripper @sniper @Son of Hobbes @stepside @Waira We have a great, diverse group of proven, professional growers here and...
  20. carl brutananadilewski

    weird spotting on week old seedlin

    I just gave my week old seedling a feeding of 250 ppms of nutes phd at 5.8 since im in coco. But they where started in those rapid rooters and then buried into the coco as nd after lasts night feeding im getting some weird burn looking spots on the older first sets of leaves but nothing on my...