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white widow

  1. No good

    No good

    I’ve tried with four packs of White Widow fem seeds from Seedsman. Straight trash! I e grown the critical x 2.0 autos from them and a few other freebies from Seedsman (??)with great success. Maybe not too happy with the finished product, but the seeds germinated and grew. I am currently testing...
  2. ItzSticky

    Indoor Sticky Tries Coco
    Threadmarks: Coco grow

    Hey Everyone! This will be my attempt at growing in coco. I’ve grown in organic (FF HF, FF OF), and imo they’ve just been subpar grows. I struggled with overwatering, gnats, and not knowing how to properly mix nutes. Nevertheless, I stuck it out and grew some pretty decent smoke :jointman: So...
  3. Things are getting exciting

    Things are getting exciting

    This is my White Widow Auto in the Bounty, which only has a light height of about 22". I'm hoping that putting the LST clip on the top will keep it from getting too close to the light. Big lesson learned when growing in a Bounty; employ LST early on to minimize the height.
  4. indicalla

    New Grower My First Grow. Finally. Feedback appreciated!
    Threadmarks: Passionate Newb

    I tried using the Grow Journal feature, but I really just prefer a linear thread, so I'm going to move my first grow stuff here. Lights: Mars-Hydro SP3000 (300 watts, Dr. Coco sold me on this) Tent: 2x4x6 Air Movement: AC Infinity Cloudline T4 (passive intake, AC infinity carbon filter), two...
  5. SneakyReefer

    Harvest & Curing Can I go for it? White widow first time growo

    I started these auto white widow the beginning of Dec., they’re still not showing much amber... Is it time to pull the plug and just go for it? I wanted to go for a little more sedative... The last three of the full plants are from a couple nights ago. This is my first grow, so go easy on me...
  6. rayguess11

    New Grower Gorilla Glue - White Widow - Coco Loco - First Grow

    Hello to everyone reading this. This is not only my first ever thread but the very first time growing. I've done only minor research online and watched a lot of Youtube. Germinated each seed via the wet paper napkin method roughly a day apart from each other. 3 Seeds total 1x White Widow from...
  7. SneakyReefer

    My First Grow

    Hi all, After years of growing corals, I thought I'd try my hand at growing some plants... Partly because I have horrible connections and was tired of paying $50 1/8 when my other unreliable source faltered (often). I researched for about a week, but there's a lot to learn and a lot of...
  8. A

    Ready for harvest? First grow and looking for opinions/insight!

    F65 White Widow Auto, don’t mind the late bloomer in the back there! thank you guys very much.
  9. OttoCBD

    Indoor CBD White Widow Haze in a 1-Gallon, Hand-Watered Ebb & Flow

    I'm currently using the cabinet (as seen here) ..for a single Healing Path CBD White Widow Haze grown in a one gallon-ish, ($ store waste basket) ..hand-watered ebb and flow system that's very similar to the systyem that I had used with the White Widow that I recently harvested but with a new...
  10. AltheGardener

    Indoor Blue Dream matic, Rasp cough, Purple Bliss

    Ended up with eight WWXXLs by Dinafem as a substitute for what I ordered, and not having time to deal with waiting I planted them anyway. Got five out of the eight to germinate. Rest of the seeds are still on the seed starting mat. Organic soil mix: Bag of greenhouse potting soil, bag of...
  11. jloor

    first grow ever, northern lights problem

    hi, im new and its my first time growing any kind of plants. i have a 60x60x120 cm indoor, 100 mm extractor, 1 fan, 4 plants in pots of 11 liters, and a tesla 180 led ( 108 real watts) i plant the germinated seed in a 11 lt pot with light mix of biobizz, and now im in the 12 day since de...
  12. DrBloom

    Do I need to flush?

    The only nutrients I used is dry organics 4-4-4 Do I still need to flush?
  13. CoviklaFlaire

    Indoor LaFlaire's casserole of strains

    I'm starting this journal from half because this grow start pretty fault,so Much That I tout it will be complete fail.. Smart people stick with thing's that work and Idiots like me always tweak something.. This time I decided (God knows why) to sprout my germinated seed in rockwool cubes, and I...
  14. L

    Grow Room Micro sub irrigation White Widow autoflower grow

    The tent is 2’X3’X4’. Lighting is two ViparSpectra 300W LED lights with a total of 600W on an 18/6 schedule. Irrigation is by sub irrigation through deep 10” plant pot saucers for wicking beds. Ventilation is by a vaunted 6” exhaust fan to a carbon filter tied to an Inkbird Temperature...
  15. L

    Grow Mediums Auto Sub Irrigation

    My set up starts with a 2'X3'X4’ grow tent. Lighting is by two 300W for 600 W LED of light at 36" from canopy. Exhaust by 6" fan. SIP saucers and float reservoir by Lester Fuzell Sr posted May 19, 2019 at 11:35 AM Water is autodrip from 5L reservoir feeding float reservoir with feeds to four...
  16. R

    White Widow, getting sick?

    First WW auto growth, growing in normal soil, I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with the little girl, tried a few nutrient boosters because I first thought she had too little K, but didn't seem to help. So now I turn to you guys in hope you can spot my mistake. Thanks ahead of time for...
  17. Mr.Greenthumb

    Grow Room First grow Crop King White Widow Auto (with Pics)

    Hey everyone. I’m new to the forum and I’m needing some help with my first grow. They seem to be stunted or growing slowly because I’m on day 14 since first true set of leaves and they’re small. I think it could be me overwatering but I water every other day. I tried a little nutrient mix the...
  18. E

    New Grower Eatstone 1st grow. White Widow, Autopots,Coco,Fotop 800+LED,2x4 tent

    Im a new grower from Canada. Trying to keep things simple to start. Autopots w/ coco and 2” hydroton on bottom, GH Floro nutes + calmag. 2x4 gorilla tent, 6” smart fan, small humidifier,and Mejiu Fotop 800+ 1’x3’ 320w led with dimmer 18/6-12/12 timer. Seeds are from true north seed bank, Canuk...
  19. W

    New Grower (2nd Grow) Need some advice on harvest!

    Hello fellow AFN members! This is my second grow, first ended up pretty well (gonna add some pictures from it, as there was no journal for it) my question is, am I ready for harvest? I think the first run I harvested early so I dont want to make the same mistake. Been reading Muddy's yellowing...
  20. GirthWindAndFire

    New Grower First Time - Royal Dwarf / White Widow Auto (Dinafem)

    Hey guys, These are 25 days old. White Widow is in the center with the other 2 being Dwarves. Would love to know what you think, especially about what's up with the girl on the left. I'm assuming it's pH related as I had my meter arrive today and it read the pH as 7.5, I've used white...