BioTabs DP Glueberry OG and RQS Northern Lights powered by Biotabs (in Autopots)


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Feb 7, 2017
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DP Glueberry OG Auto, RQS Northern Lights Auto
Hello to all you Biotabs lovers out there :toke:.

Been a couple of weeks that I started my second grow ever (first grow journal) in which I am using the whole Biotabs basic nutrient line combined with their PK Booster Compost Tea and one of their new products, Silicium Flash, but more about that later on.

The grow consists of 3 Auto Glueberry OG's from Dutch Passion and 1 Northern Lights from Royal Queen Seeds, a 600W MH/HPS air-cooled hood lighting and Autopots, all running in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent.:vibe:

I've started a detailed grow journal in the New Grower's Journals section (link here and in signature) and will be using this as a compact journal showcasing and focusing on Biotabs. I'll be doing the same thing in the Autopots section, to give these products some exposure, as I think the combination of both is kick ass:greenthumb:.

As they say, pics or GTFO:



Glueberry OG taproots:


The goodies I'll be using :woohoo::




DAY 1:







See you guys on the next update, feel free to drop by :welcome:.
Looking good. Are you sure your tent is enough, these can get big en coco:coffee:.
Ill sub up, will be fun! Good luck.
Finally I have access to a computer and can do some much needed update, as the grow is already at day 35 :pop:.

DAY 4:

GBOG 1-2-3 (top left-top right-bottom right):


GBOG 1 & GBOG 2:


NL (the biggest):


At day 5 the substrate was mixed which means that the next update will have a detailed description of the Biotabs nutrient line and how to mix them :greenthumb:.
DAY 5:

This day the roots started seriously penetrating the jiffy cubes they were planted in and I decided that it is time to mix up the Biotabs nutrients and make a faboulous substrate for my babies :baby:. The mix was made by following the Biotabs instructions for Autopots and after some e-mail correspondence with Karel from Biotabs concerning their new products and so on.

DISCLAIMER: I won't bother with conjuring up a new text, so this will be copied from my main grow journal which you can find in my signature :toke:.

First off, some roots:


On to the mixing:
The Autopots are the 15L kind and I will be putting in them 60% coco, 30% perlite and 10% local worm hummus as base components mixed with the Biotabs line and some Guanokalong guano powder.
After preparing the base components for one pot, I add to them as follows:
  • 75 g of Startrex - Biotabs organic soil conditioner and fertilizer (3:1:2) with a high bacteria content
  • 75 g of Silicium Flash - Biotabs new organic fertilizer (4:3:3) rich in silicium, calcium, magnesium and so on (not only that, but it also substitutes the use of Orgatrex - Biotabs liquid organic plant food [5:1:5] - confirmed by Biotabs staff)
  • 3 g of Mycotrex - Biotabs blend of 9 species of Mycorrhizae
  • 100g of Guanokalong powder - organic bat dung fertilizer (1:10:1)
All of these come in powder form and look something like this when added to the mixing tray with the base components:


After mixing, filled Autopots:


After filling the pots, I've dug up a small potting hole for the seedlings and put 2 g of Mycotrex in it.
Once the seedlings were in place 2 tablets - Biotabs organic slow-release fertiliser tablets (15:7:8) - were put 10 cm deep into the substrate and then the pots were soaked with a solution of 2 g/L of Bactrex - Biotabs beneficial soil and root microbes - and around 2 mL/L of Orgatrex instead of their recommended 5 mL/L (I did this because it is advised not to use Orgatrex with Silicium Flash but I wanted to give the bacteria a little jump start with the molasses, any thoughts?).
Around 2 L were enough to create a little run-off from the pots, were I decided that they are soaked.

Voila, that's all you need for a high quality and nutrient rich substrate that your plants will love:pass:.

The gang enjoying their new home:

you sure done your homework and put it to good use,very nice kit you got there.
keep er lit.

Thanks man, had luck having some friends that tried Biotabs long before I started growing, so learnt some things beforehand :thumbsup:.

DAY 9:



Getting more and more active, just need to build a fan base :welcome:.

DAY 13:

The girls are enjoying themselves: