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Apr 12, 2020
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Hey guys, currently on day 19 with my purple lemonade growing in my space bucket. Planted straight into the soil and sprouted in a matter of days. Was planning on quadlining so the plant is a + shape but she only developed one side branch on her 3rd node.. typical lol however she has been topped yesterday at her 4th node and I've taken her 1st node off aswell leaving her with nodes 2 and 3 still in play. She seems to have responded really well and so far I don't see any signs or paused or stunted growth she still seems to be chugging along nicely and looks healthy. I'm using biobizz lightmix and biobizz nutrients. I can't wait to see what happens with this one and how she turns out.. if I dont accidentally kill her in the process lol. She is under a 300w led with side lighting and is on an 18/6 light cycle.

Before being topped


Straight after being topped


Day after being topped
So it's been 3 days after she was topped just thought I'd post an update on here to show her progress especially for those who are still sceptical of topping autos (like I was) especially being a fairly new grower still it can be daunting chopping up your plants but I'm so glad I did it and will 100% be doing it more often. She has made brilliant progress over the past 3 days I'm just waiting for her branches to get longer so that I can then start tying her down
Just a quick update, day 23 started LST couple days ago and adjusting ties daily as she tries growing vertically she's currently on around 1 litre of water every couple of days may increase it to 1.5litre tomorrow as I have a fair amount of perlite added into the substrate.
Day 33 and she's flourishing nicely, her calaxys are beginning to swell and are purple in colour so hoping I've got a strong purple pheno. Not much more to say really she's chugging away perfectly.
Coming to the end of week 7 now (day 48) terpenes are starting to come through but not overly strong can mainly smell it if I touch her got a really citrusy smell to her. Still waiting for her calyxs on her bud sites to start swelling she still has that early bud stage look to her where the buds are there but it's just alot of leaf making up the density at the moment. She is meant to be done in another 2 weeks, I can see this one taking a while longer but damn I think she's gonna be worth it. Excited to harvest this one I must admit.
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If you do these space bucket grows alot how much do they usually yield?