1. B

    Defoliation? Day 48 autoflower

    So day 48 shes just bout to kick into flowering. Shes getting bushy af and im struggling with managing the tie downs and leaving space to water. Ive got around 30 tied down and it keeps getting bushier. Question is, if i defoliate now am i gonna stunt her flowering? Or is it worth the extra...
  2. O

    New Grower First Grow Bloody Skunk Sweetseeds

    Whats up fellas, im tryna get some opinions of my first grow, and specifically right now on my lst Today is day 22 since germination i feel like they may be a little small right now they are on a 20-4 light schedule, usually around 45-65 humidity, and temp around 78F, but its possible the temp...
  3. Son of Hobbes

    [USA] CannaCages
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Good morning growers! We are about to kick off a really cool product test for the company CannaCages, who has very generously donated several of their CannaCages plant trainers for a Grow-and-Show review with our @Cultivators ! We have @Cannacages and @Dantew86 with the company here on the...
  4. June 25th - (week 6)

    June 25th - (week 6)

    ~ Time goes by when you're having fun ~ what week is it? ~ :coffee2: Good morning friends, It's been a week since I started LST and I'm happy with how well the plants are responding so far. I have been doing some defoliating but not much and some leaf tucking too. I also added some rice hulls...
  5. Sunday training

    Sunday training

    Lucky girl manicure and a light tie down today, nothing special. Looking healthy at least!
  6. V

    Rewiev for LST

    Hi, I need some advice for LST! This baby lemon haze is 21 days old and we just did its first LST. Is it looking good and proper? Should the main stem more leaned to the soil or this angle is okey? And should I do LST to the marked branch or should I waiting for couple of days?
  7. Humble Hashmaster

    Indoor LST on seed project

    Been a long while since I posted so I thought I'd drop a few pics of my current project. Im doing some LST on some ladies getting ready for pollination. Ill try to come back and post pics from time to time if anyone is interested in seeing the progress.
  8. Professor Autoflower

    Photography Double Grape day 86, Bouquet of Buds

  9. 8210CE0B-D5D7-4ADB-8CE0-96F5FC3FFDD7.jpeg


    Double Grape day 38 Mephisto
  10. Double Grape week 5

    Double Grape week 5

    Double Grape week 5, canopy is filling in great. Bud sites becoming very noticeable full of bright white pistils. Done bending any tops for the most part. I will only pull on shoots here and there to spread bud sites out a little along with some defoliation.
  11. June Drop Fast Buds(including forbidden runtz)

    Completed June Drop Fast Buds(including forbidden runtz)

    Wassup peeps! If you are reading this, thank you! We appreciate the company, and as always if there are any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out. Welcome to the final blog entry for our “Staggering thru ‘21, Vol 1” Blog. our plan to drop and chop something every month this...
  12. Double Grape week 4, Starting Flower, Great Canopy

    Double Grape week 4, Starting Flower, Great Canopy

    Double Grape week 4, day 32 to be exact. The canopy is looking great. I am done with lst by bending tops. Letting all tops grow vertical. Still plan on lst but just by spreading shoots out creating plenty of room and airflow for each bud site.
  13. baked in the bluegrass

    Fast Buds Forbidden Runtz and friends
    Threadmarks: Forbidden Runtz and friends intro

    Wassup peeps! This here fancy new journal will be covering the new round of plants starting with Forbidden Runtz from Fast Buds. A ginormous shout out to @Fast Buds Heather and the team at Fast Buds! They’ve been kind enough to sponsor another round of grows with some of their delish newer...
  14. Double Grape day 25, amazing growth, great lst

    Double Grape day 25, amazing growth, great lst

    this has been an incredible Autoflower to grow and it’s only day 25. Wow! Started giving nutes on day 23 because noticed a little yellowing. Gave FF Big Bloom and Grow Big. Have been training over the past 5 days and new shoots are popping out everywhere. Check out my training on The...
  15. 4 days after topping at day 19.  New tops are starting to grow nice.  I started lst.

    4 days after topping at day 19. New tops are starting to grow nice. I started lst.

  16. Professor Autoflower

    Autoflower Topped at day 15 - Double Grape Mephisto

  17. Double Grape week 3, topping this week on Day 15

    Double Grape week 3, topping this week on Day 15

    Mephisto Double Grape week 3. Growing so fast. Topped at day 15. I usually don’t top until day 21. I will start lst in a few days when the new tops start growing. I will lst new tops and lower shoots.
  18. 992A67A3-E869-47B9-B081-7A4FDDB2C643.jpeg


    NightOwl Seeds - Sage Scout with some nice lst
  19. BigBudz2020

    Fast Buds FastBuds Purple Lemonade Spacebucket Grow

    Hey guys, currently on day 19 with my purple lemonade growing in my space bucket. Planted straight into the soil and sprouted in a matter of days. Was planning on quadlining so the plant is a + shape but she only developed one side branch on her 3rd node.. typical lol however she has been topped...
  20. AutoDevilHQ

    New Grower AutoBeast Guided Grow - FastBuds Northern Lights & ChemDawg Autos

    Hi everyone, Feels amazing to finally be here after meeting AutoBeast over 2 years ago and promising him I'd give his old retired 4" x 4" Tent a good home to make some beautiful ladies. Running a 600w HPS and growing in BioBizz LiteMix. Day -1 The 3 Girls have been placed in 15L pots...