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Jan 12, 2015
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What’s up guys. Time for AFN Mars Hydro Review Contest!:woohoo1: Many of you guys might have heard of or used Mars Hydro products. What are your impressions, experience, reviews, or feedback about our products? Preach freely! Speak your mind! Whether you have or have no experience with Mars Hydro, you’re welcomed to this contest!

And since it’s a contest, of course, we prepared a prize and participation rules.

1 FC-E 4800 LED grow light & 4’x4’ grow tent

1.Post an informative review under this thread. One person, one valid review post.
2.MUST tag #marshydroreview

Easy to take part in, right? You can post whatever you want to share - review of the Mars Hydro product models you’re using, experience and cautions when using the light, differences with previously used lights...Besides, if you have no experience with Mars Hydro, you can also take part in it! Welcome to share your perceptions about Mars Hydro, your thoughts about our FC Series or FC-E Series lights...Anything!:welcome: You can also add grow pictures and links for your AFN grow journals in your review.

Pick winner:
This time we’re not going to select randomly. :woohoo:We will select the most valued/informative review writer as our winner.

Deadline: 30th July

*What the winner needs to do: Share your grow journal with prizes(FC-E4800 & 4x4 grow tent) on the Autoflower forum.

Mars Hydro FC-E4800 Features:
-High-efficiency LED grow light: Consuming 480W input power, mounted with 2646 pcs high-quality BridgeLux chips, perfectly cover 4x4 ft (flower), 5x5ft(veg) grow space. Maximum yield up to 2.5g/w
-Detachable bar design: Detachable light bars allow free adjustment of the light density at different points within the effective coverage area.
-Uniform Par distribution: The newly developed chip arrangement by mars hydro enables a more even and efficient light distribution, thus promising growers a more uniform crop.
-Other Functions: Removable drivers; IP65 waterproof; dimming function available; can be daisy-chained; optimal passive heat dissipation.

Welcome to join us and good luck everybody!:hothot:
I guess I’ll get us started!

I’ve used the TS600 in a Mars Hydro 2x2 in a recent harvest. I would have never thought such a little light can be such a BEAST! Probably the best bang for your buck light on the market. Very good light quality across my 2x2. Very easy to handle due to it’s weight. The TS600 is surprisingly cool due to its reflector sinking heat efficiently. Anyone looking for an entry level light to get started should definitely consider it!


I guess I’ll get us started!

I’ve used the TS600 in a Mars Hydro 2x2 in a recent harvest. I would have never thought such a little light can be such a BEAST! Probably the best bang for your buck light on the market. Very good light quality across my 2x2. Very easy to handle due to it’s weight. The TS600 is surprisingly cool due to its reflector sinking heat efficiently. Anyone looking for an entry level light to get started should definitely consider it!


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Thank you! A really good start! Mars Hydro started to make improvements right from our TS series and TS600 is the beginner of TS series!
FC3000 #marshydroreview
Before this light I was using 3x 55w autocobs and let me tell you my heat was a issue with them, I was running 2 lights 110w and now with the fc3000 I can run more power. The unit was run at 75% so around 220 or so and I was keeping my temps at a bit cooler than before with 110w.
What I really love about this light is the bar design and you can mount the driver outside the tent for cooler temps. The driver itself is a nice unit I can't remember I think its a moso but it runs pretty cool compare to the MW on my ts1000.
All FC series are amazing and now with the FC-E with its adjustable bar positions its a bit more free. A nice design since when you need to store it just disassemble the unit.
Here are some pictures and I still haven't used it at 100% such a good light.
Allright, #marshydroreview time? Yep! Everyone in the house is on board with growing so I am able to start considering an upgrade. Plus, everything has gone smooth so I've got a bit of a green light, pun intended.


I have two MarsHydro products I can give a quick rundown on. I'll start with my tent.

As a new grower, I was limited by space and uncertainty. After searching around for something that would fit, MarsHydro had the only tent that would fit my test space. I wasn't sure how growing would turn out so I didn't want to start too big nor too expensive. Discretion also limited my choice of space.

I went with the 70x70x160 aka 2.3'x2.3'x5.3'


This tent will fit underneath a standard width staircase or in a closet tucked under stairs with a sloped ceiling. It is short enough to push back and close a door. Yes, you need to measure but, I bet it will slip in very nicely. A 3x3 is too wide to fit unless you want it touching both walls. That means no room for ventilation or ducting.

The zippers have held up for just over 8 months of zip/unzip everyday. There are plenty of in/out double socked ports for arranging the ventilation the way you want or need.

I will say that a little attention here and there with some tape makes a big difference. I had a lot of smell leaking from the tent my first grow. Sealing up the viewing windows with aluminum backed tape on the inside and gorilla glue waterproof tape on the outside fixed that. I did tape around all the cord/ducting socks as well.

Overall if you need a decent tent to start with, I don't think you can go wrong, especially for the ~$55 Mars has it on sale for right now. Even full pop at ~$75 is a deal. I will say the quality is pretty good and you won't have to sweat over possibly getting junk like some of the no-name stuff you can find. Mars also has pretty available customer service and reps here on the forum.

No pics unfortunately as I do want to keep my grow space a bit quiet.

Most recent tent run:

Second product; The light!

I have a MarsHydro TS1000

I think it's a forum favorite for a budget LED lamp. It covers a decent area, has quite a bit of power, a dimmer, and is a bargain. Definitely better than the off brand LED stuff you can get on amazon and cost wise, it's about the same. Plenty of guys running one on here so you can see it works. I absolutely think the dimmer is a great feature. Also the removeable driver makes it very easy to place it outside the tent if you are having heat issues. Really for ~$150 or less you would have to DIY to beat it. I'm too old for that type of fooling about so I wanted simple plug and play. Initially I did not use this light for cannabis but for starting all our outdoor seed plants.

Make shift grow space and a TS1000: Plant rehab around the periphery too.


Currently: Stuffed in a closet but growing some wicked plants.


Removeable driver is a life saver for controlling heat. The small box is the dimmer. As you can see the driver cord is nice and long so you can really move it around if you need to. This is an older driver and it gets HOT so it needs to be on something solid. The metal "frame" of the light gets hot as well. Painful to the touch hot so be careful with placement. I do wish the dimmer cord was longer so it was easier to reach. Might be my only real kvetch.


Hanging is straightforward and the panel is light enough to hang from some PVC pipe.


These thumbscrews are how the driver attaches to the lamp housing. Very easy to remove or mount.


Here's the grow thread so far. Once the tent frees up these guys are going in there. A great start under the TS1000

Overall I've been very happy with both of the MarsHydro items I have bought. Decent bit of kit at a fair price.

While I don't currently own a Mars hydro light or tent I can attest to the high build of both from growers on this fine platform. I'm by no means a tech head so all the jargon is mostly lost on me. However I know when a plant is happy by using my eyes. Every grow i've seen using #marshydro products has produced healthy, vigorous plants, lush green in vegetation, fat & tight buds during flower. The dimmable function is great as it allows the light to be used from seedling to final flowering. The detachable bar allows for customising the light to your grow space as we growers sometimes have to think outside the box if we are not using a tent as our grow space.

The tents are made from good quality components and are built to last with heavy duty steel poles, quality canvas and great zippers. The tents are well designed with thought given to vents for power going in and air going out.

These are definitely not entry level products however the price is remarkable compared to what would be classed as more luxurious brands. Even if you don't have the space for the 4x4 tent or the power requirements for the FC-E 4800 light Mars Hydro has something to suit your space & your pocket.

Also Mars Hydro's forum presence is fantastic. They are here to help us with the products should something be less than 100% but also encourage us by visiting our grow journals and always offering products free for competitions. Even giving discounts! The company does this forum proud.
Thank you for the rep JSH :thumbsup:


Hello ,:toke: i was lucky enough to win a comp like this a couple or so years ago :headbang: i won the sp250 a review in this section and i believe it was actually complete on that place we left to one very strange summer :biggrin:.

well the light has done me and you proud:toke: ,we had some wee plants and did some woodwork:crying:


we did go a wee larger at times :pighug: so overall a full growth light that out performs its watts, i believe the light spectrum is out performed by newer models but was a game changer for mars at that time,,,i got an early model its actual watts is 236 i think

she can fill the tent


she gives the frost :cool1:


and filled the tent many times ,,not a problem once

so your thinking if he is so happy with this light why does he want an :confused1: other well i got an oversized tent and a undersized light now :biggrin:,,and would not want to say to good bye to one of them ,,look her in the leaf and say sorry i just got to let you go :sad:

Too save the lives of some of these girls:biggrin: i will lay bare my journey with the new set up ,,across any and all platforms i frequent and do a thread in this section,, :toke: ,,

go on could you tell her:biggrin: and with a 4x4 tent i could sleep in my bed again :thumbsup::crying: :toke:

dragons in the bath:eyebrows:

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Mars Hydro SP3000
Mars Hydro SP3000 was my first light in my very first canna grow last year! This badass little light is a real powerhouse! It's very easy to install and set the height.
A remote driver helps keep the temperature down in the tent. The dimmable feature is helpful to adjust it to your plant's needs from seedling to chop!
The light spectrum will take your canna from seedling through flower with simply outstanding results.
Light intensity and penetration will produce high quality and dense nuggs.
I am FULLY satisfied with my purchase of this light! It has helped me and let me help three other Veterans deal with our pain and problem.










Lots of Trichome production for smoke or hash


From three plants, the Mars Hydro SP3000 made 595.34g dry of very high quality canna.
The lesser quality of bud and sugar leaf produced just over 81g of high quality dry ice hash with another 11g from the trim bin!

:growing:I highly recommend this light to beginners and veteran growers alike!:growing: