Feminising Dragon's Blood and Blue Dragon, and Other Breeding Projects


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Dec 15, 2013
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I've begun a project to create fem seeds of my favorite strains and my personal strains. I'll be starting with @Mossy 's Dragons Blood and my Blue Dragon. The whole purpose of this is simply to give me fem seeds for growing bud. I'll continue to refine both strains in regular seed, with an occasional update to the fem lines. I'll try this on some commercial strains also, if they won't give us reg seed, then I'll make my own seed!

Right now, I have 11 Blue Dragon's sprouted and I just transfered 12 Dragon's Blood to paper towel. I've tried every method there is, and I always come back to the paper towel method as it not only gives the best germ rate, it lets me see what seeds are duds that would have wasted space with direct to soil methods.

I modified a cab to use for these projects. I intend to keep the plants as small as I can. I'll pull any plant that I feel is exceptional and use it for making regular seed.

Blue Dragons

Blue Dragon breeders pic1 -8-10-2017.jpg
Heyyy Pops!
I can think of someone who'd like some blue dragon fems! :coffee:

Won't mention any names though ... as it may be in breach of TOS .... and i'd have to give myself some warning points, a good talking too ... and then if i wasn't receptive.... a 3 day ban!! :doh:

Good luck with the breeders! :cheers:
None of the first batch of Dragon's blood ever sprouted. I found another tube and put 12 in a paper towel about 3 days ago. Checked a short time ago and ALL 12 popped a tail! Planted ten in the 4" pots and 2 in a 1 gallon pot. I'll likely breed the one in the 1 gallon pot with a male to make fresh seed. Should have Dragon's Blood sprouts soon!
Seedlings are doing well. I got too much stretch on the Blue Dragons, should have had them closer to the light at that low power. I raised the power to 36 watts and will go to 60 later today. I also lowered thew light a few inches. I want them as short as possible.

Breeding dragons pic1 -8-19-2017.jpg
Breeding dragons pic2 -8-19-2017.jpg

Tomorrow two Blue Dragon females get treated with STS! They are beginning to flower! The Dragon's blood are growing slowly, don't seem to like the little pots.

Pics in a bit!
I personally love the Qautum boards. Versatile and high performance. Large scale, I could see advantages, cost will be better than COB based lighting.