First DIY COB-Suggestions needed


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Mar 22, 2016
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Hello everyone.

I'm new to DIY COBs and am already addicted and i havent even built one yet.

I have a 4'x4' space that I'm converting to cobs. Currently i have a Mars II 1600 and 2x300w Mars. Total of about 1000w chinese leds.

I had posted on another thread and @Dr.Bubbles helped with driver advice for what i had planned. I ordered the parts for my original idea, but since then I was reading about upgrading those 300 Mars lights so I ordered some more cobs to upgrade those as well.

So now I have a pile of parts coming and I am questioning the best use of it all.

Here's what I have coming:
3 - Cree CBX3590 (3500k) 36v cobs
1 - Meanwell HLG-240h-c1400b driver
2 - Cree CBX3590 (3500k) 72v cobs
2 - Cree CBX3590 (3000k) 72v cobs

The drivers from the Mars are 64v and there are 4 of them but I'm willing to buy something else to get more out of the cobs.

I was thinking of building 2 lights with 3 cobs each. 2x72v plus 1x36v on the Meanwell I have coming. Will this work?

If i go this route, I'll need another driver and some heatsinks... No biggie. I grow strictly autos and never more than 6 pots in my growspace.

I want hard buds to be proud of.

What's everyone think?
If it were me i would return the 4x 72v chips and buy 5 more 36v chips and 1 more 240-1400 driver and build a 3-2-3 square panel setup pushing 400w. What cri did u get? I would just try and sell the mars panels on kijiji, they have no place in your tent once you build a quality set up.
With some help and advice from @BigSm0, I ended up building a rig with 5-Cree CBX3590 80 cri(3500k) 36v cobs in series on a Meanwell HLG-240h-c1400b driver.

It's insanely bright in my (slightly smaller than) 4x4 space. I have 6 Mephistos @28 days now, and since switching from the blurple leds to this cob rig my girls were showing signs of light stress. I've since been trying different light distances and removed the reflectors and think I'm getting things dialed in.
I wouldn't use reflectors till the buds started forming. Treat it like you would treat a 1200 watt red and blue LED. It's very similar