Focus V Carta 2 1,000 dab review


Today I took my 1,000th dab from the Carta 2..

I can’t say enough good things about the Carta 2. Weather you like big clouds, or terpy low temp dabs, this will do it with its adjustable heat settings from 365-635 Fahrenheit.

The best thing about the Carta 2 is its durability. In 1,000 dabs, I have only cleaned it regularly….nothing else. The atomizer (banger) is working exactly the way it did on the first dab.

As you can see, it cleans right up….. the only chaz I haven’t been able to clean off is on the side of the ceramic bowl, and is there because I don’t want to push too hard cleaning it, and break it. Besides, it doesn’t affect the taste at all… you can see it below..


I bought the Carta 2 because I was tired of replacing coils on other devices….. I was not a fan of the terrible flavors you get from coil devices that are not cleanable in between dabs. With the Carta, a few swipes with Qtips, and maybe some alcohol and it’s as clean as new.
For deep cleaning, just take it apart and soak the glass, atomizer, and carb cap pieces in alcohol, and clean the vapor path and things are clean as new in no time.

In all honesty, the Carta is a 10/10, and I can’t recommend it enough. :lildab:
I just got an email in from Nuggsmasher And they do have a good sale going but I did see a refurbished XP for $780.60
That’s the other thing I dig about Nugsmasher…. You can trade in your current press for (I think) 80% value on an upgrade…
Alright….. this may have been a false alarm. I got to thinking….and finally downloaded the app…. And sure enough, there’s updates I was behind on….firmware and shit. So I did that, and everything is working normally again. So I suppose I’ll keep you posted :doh::rofl::lildab:
Well least you got a back up coil for when your cleaning or when it does actually give out:condom::whew:
Alright folks…. Here’s the deal… I continued to have heating problems with the atomizer (the original one)… it would work intermittently at best. I realized if I unscrewed the bowl and screwed it back in, it would work for a bit.

Ultimately, I got ahold of someone at Focus V, and they said this is a fairly common issue. It’s a connection issue between the atomizer and the base, and to not screw the atomizer in until it stops, but to back it off a few threads….so I did that, and it’s been working fine again.